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Airbnb Comfort Check-in with Nuki


Our vision for Nuki has always been to create an expandable, simple and intelligent access control system that is integrated in a unique ecosystem, thus sustainably supporting its owner in everyday life. We can now proudly announce that we have won a very important partner for this ecosystem: Airbnb. Nuki has made it even easier […]

Make your Smart Lock faster and even better


Easter time begins in just a few days. While some may already be wondering where they are going to hide their Easter eggs, we have started looking for the most common user requests and implemented them. With the new Smart Lock Firmware Update 1.6.2, we have once again focused on optimization. This can improve the […]

Manage the new Nuki Fob from the Nuki App


In contrast to the 1st generation of the Nuki Fob, which can only be paired with one Smart Lock, the new Nuki Fob can be connected to several Smart Locks (one Fob for up to 100 Smart Locks). Therefore, the new Nuki Fob can be managed with the Nuki smartphone app (in addition to the […]

Nuki Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa available!


Just a few months ago, we introduced you to the first smart lock in Europe, the Nuki Skill for Amazon Alexa. Because the smart home skills were not yet available in Europe, we decided at the time to choose a custom skill. Now several months have gone by, and the development of smart voice assistants […]

The new Nuki Fob is here!


Sometimes good things have to end so that better can start. We have followed this principle and developed the Nuki Fob from the ground up – based on your wishes. We are proud to announce the latest generation of the Nuki Fob, which will bring along some interesting new features! FASTER The entire data communication […]

The Nuki winter update is available now


Just in time for the festive season we have a pre-Christmas gift for you! With the latest firmware update for your Nuki Smart Lock we have devoted all our efforts to your wishes and implemented some of your most requested features. The subjects of this update is ‘individualized time settings for unlatch duration’ and improving […]

Nuki proven to be the most secure Smart Lock in an independent benchmark test


Questions of security and data protection are the main discussion points in the Smart Home sector. As the key protection element of your home, the front door is particular in the spotlight when it comes to security questions. From Nuki’s beginning, the topic of security and data protection is deeply rooted in our values and […]

Google Assistant integrated in Nuki as of now


We are proud to announce that the Nuki Smart Lock is the first and only Smart Lock in Europe as of now which supports Google Assistant. Even in the development phase of our Smart Lock, it was our desire to integrate as many systems as possible to give you, the user, the chance to choose […]

Security and speed update for your Nuki Bridge


As you might noticed in the news a global security vulnerability was found in the WPA2 standard, a few days ago. This failure in the WPA2 connection set-up allows an attacker to intercept the connection set-up and afterwards read the data traffic or to inject data into the active connection.. However, since the connection of […]

Transform your intercom into a Smart Lock with the Nuki Box


At Nuki it is our mission to make existing access controls smarter and physical keys irrelevant, thanks to your phone. With the Nuki Smart Lock, we have already reached a big milestone in this mission. Of course, we know that many of you live in apartment buildings and it is the next logical step to […]

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