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Google Assistant integrated in Nuki as of now


We are proud to announce that the Nuki Smart Lock is the first and only Smart Lock in Europe as of now which supports Google Assistant. Even in the development phase of our Smart Lock, it was our desire to integrate as many systems as possible to give you, the user, the chance to choose […]

Security and speed update for your Nuki Bridge


As you might noticed in the news a global security vulnerability was found in the WPA2 standard, a few days ago. This failure in the WPA2 connection set-up allows an attacker to intercept the connection set-up and afterwards read the data traffic or to inject data into the active connection.. However, since the connection of […]

Transform your intercom into a Smart Lock with the Nuki Box


At Nuki it is our mission to make existing access controls smarter and physical keys irrelevant, thanks to your phone. With the Nuki Smart Lock, we have already reached a big milestone in this mission. Of course, we know that many of you live in apartment buildings and it is the next logical step to […]

Hallo, Bonjour & Buongiorno Switzerland


We know that many of you have been expecting this day already! Since the beginning of the IFA in Berlin, the Nuki Smart Lock is also available in its own version for Swiss round cylinders! Already at the market launch in 2016, there was a very high demand for a Smart Lock version for the […]

News from Nuki at the IFA 2017


You’d like to experience the Nuki Smart Lock and get to know the latest news? Visit us at the IFA in Berlin (Hall 6.2, Booth 119) and discover how your live gets smarter with an electronic door lock! Keyless into your apartment building 🏢 Since the very beginning, it’s our philosophy to make access controls […]

Discover the new features of your Smart Lock


Just over a year ago the first Nuki Smart Locks were delivered. Since then Nuki has been making a lot of progress and has grown continuously. During this time, we always got exciting requests for new features and improvement from you, as the integration of Amazon Alexa. With the latest firmware update for the Nuki […]

Optimize the connection of your Nuki Bridge


If your SmartLock does not react immediately, or if it takes more than three seconds to retrieve the status or to perform a lock action via the Nuki App, then this can be due to a bad connection between your Nuki Smart Lock and your Bridge. Are these problems known to you? Then we might […]

The new Smart Action Center with improved Auto Unlock


The Auto Unlock has been one of the most important and practical features since the idea of Nuki was born. We have been putting great effort into the Auto Unlock. We have been working on the algorithm for many years. We have tested it thoroughly and used it thousands of times. In this way, the […]

Nuki Cashback Program


The key management in companies is often a difficult matter. On the one hand, you would like to allow your employees an easy access to the office but on the other hand, it is often problematic to give a large number of keys to your employees and service providers. It also happens that a key […]

Apple HomeKit and Nuki


The questions about a HomeKit door lock and an integration of Nuki into the Apple HomeKit ecosystem is one of the most common inquiries we get from you. As we take care of an honest communication and an involvement of you in the development of Nuki, we would like to give you a quick update […]

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