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iOS 16.2 Update: Problems with HomeKit

Nuki News 20.12.2022 | Nuki

The Apple update iOS 16.2 has recently become available. It includes a new HomeKit (“Apple Home”) architecture. Apple promises improved performance with the new version – but for some users it was anything but a smooth transition.

However, users report that they have had problems with HomeKit since the update. The architecture of the Apple Home app does not update. Some set-ups can no longer be used or even have to be fully rebuilt. Initial analyses and reports in various media also confirm this.

Apple has not yet commented on the problems.

How you should proceed now

  • We recommend you not do update to iOS 16.2 for the time being. That is how you can avoid problems with your existing HomeKit set-ups. Please wait until there are more details available or Apple releases a new version.
  • Have you already updated to iOS 16.2?
    Then do not update the Apple Home architecture during the upgrade process.
  • For those who have upgraded to iOS 16.2 and have moved to the new Apple Home architecture: You should be prepared for maintenance or, at worst, a HomeKit reset. We’re continuing to look into the issue and will keep you updated through our channels.

Nuki & Apple HomeKit:

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