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Nuki now supports Matter

Nuki News 14.11.2023 | Nuki

The fourth generation of Nuki Smart Locks now supports Matter. Easy integration and cross-manufacturer compatibility are the focus. This marks the beginning of a new era for Smart Homes.

Never heard of Matter?

Matter is a new universal communication standard – a unified language for Smart Home devices. The basic idea behind Matter is to interconnect smart home devices in a manufacturer-independent and cross-platform manner. The new standard is built around the core values of simplicity, reliability, security, and cross-manufacturer compatibility.

This open source standard was developed by the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA). In addition to Nuki, more than 600 other companies from the smart home sector are members of the CSA, including Google, Apple, Amazon, and other major players who launched the organization.

Nuki’s role in the CSA

Nuki has been part of the CSA since the beginning of 2022 and has therefore been actively involved in the development of Matter. As a market leader in Europe, we bring our expertise to the table and primarily advocate for the interests of the European market.

Thanks to this commitment, a key feature is now part of version 1.2 of the Matter standard. Starting with this version, it will be possible to differentiate between “Open door”, including pulling the latch, and “Unlock”.

Matter as a uniform language

Matter is to become the new uniform smart home standard around the world. This development will be an ongoing process. Manufacturing companies will need to update their existing products or launch new products to meet the complex requirements of the standard.

With the Smart Lock and the Smart Lock Pro (4th generation) Nuki is launching the first Matter-enabled Nuki devices.

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More device types will be continually added with Matter’s planned semi-annual updates. More and more manufacturing companies are expected to rely on Matter in the coming years.

A look at the advantages of Matter

Easy integration

Thanks to Matter you can easily integrate the Nuki Smart Lock into your smart home. All it takes is a scan of the included Matter code.


You can connect Matter-enabled devices from any brand and manage them from the platform of your choice. You can easily and quickly recognize compatible devices by the Matter logo.


Your smart home can be controlled by different people using the platform of their choice (such as Apple Home, or Google Home). You no longer have to limit yourself to one platform.

Local communication and security

Security and the protection of privacy are of utmost priority with Matter. Communication between the hub and the user’s device takes place locally and not in the cloud.
For more information about Matter’s security concept, please visit our Help Center.

How this affects the use of Nuki in your smart home

For the launch of the fourth generation, the Matter integration can display two lock commands, as well as the device’s status and battery status. With the release of Matter 1.2, an additional third lock action was added to the Matter protocol to differentiate between “Unlock” and “Open door”. This feature will be available with our planned firmware update in early 2024.

What platforms and devices can I currently use?

In general, any hub that supports Matter via Thread can be used as the control center for your smart home and connected to your Nuki Smart Lock or Smart Lock Pro (4th generation). With the choice of hub, you are deciding which platform will be used to control your smart home. Other compatible devices can be recognized by the Matter logo.

A list of compatible devices can be found in our Help Center.

Nuki supports Matter via Thread

Matter can be integrated into your smart home via Wi-Fi or Thread. Nuki supports Matter via Thread. Therefore, you will need a Matter-enabled hub that also supports Thread. Thread is a new connectivity technology designed specifically for smart home applications.. Thread is built on a mesh network, enabling your devices to communicate with each other as well.

This offers you the following advantages:

  • A stable network, even with a large number of devices
  • Fast response time, regardless of the density and size of your network
  • Low power consumption (especially suitable for battery-powered devices like the Nuki Smart Lock)

Coming soon: remote access via Thread

Starting at the beginning of 2024, it will also be possible to control fourth generation Smart Locks remotely via Thread, all without the need of a Bridge or Wi-Fi module. To activate remote access via Thread, the Smart Lock must already be connected via Matter integration to a hub that has an Internet uplink (for example, the Apple HomePod mini).

Here you can find a list of the hubs that support this feature. Remote access via Thread allows you to utilize the full functionality of the Nuki app (administration, lock permissions, log, link to Nuki Web … ) remotely.

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