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Nuki Smart Hosting: Full-comfort service package for Short Rental Hosts starts in October

Nuki News 07.09.2022 | Nuki

From October 2022, our services for Short Rental Hosts will be bundled in a completely new service. Depending on the number and type of vacation homes, Nuki Smart Hosting is the ideal service package for all Short Rental Hosts. Two different service packages are available. The use of the popular partner integrations is included in both the Standard and the Business package.

Nuki Smart Lock for automated access to vacation properties

As a retrofittable access system, Nuki makes access to houses and apartments simple and intelligent. This is of particular benefit to landlords in the short rental industry. Many processes can be automated. This provides guests and service providers with secure and convenient access to the apartments.

Since 2018, we have a special partnership with Airbnb, which was followed by further integrations and product developments with high added value for Short Rental Hosts like the Nuki Opener and the Nuki Keypad. By now, hundreds of thousands of guests have enjoyed a check-in experience with Nuki. However, this responsibility does not stop for us after the hardware purchase: Together with our partners we are constantly working on new features and improving existing ones.

Why we chose to create Nuki Smart Hosting

Our claim is to offer a reliable and high-quality access system. Hosts must be able to trust that the system works (automatically) – also in connection with other partner integrations like Airbnb, Smoobu, BookingSync, Guesty or Octorate. You can find more information about partner integrations in this article. This requires regular monitoring of the integrations and a perfect interaction between Nuki Smart Lock, online servers and partner systems.

In case of occurring issues, Short Rental Hosts have to rely on quick and individual solutions in order to maintain guest operations undisturbed. Hosts and landlords rightly expect full support and good service. After all, it is also a matter of responsibility to the guests. However, these customer expectations are not fully covered by the prices for Nuki hardware products.

With Nuki Smart Hosting we want to give Short Rental Hosts a value proposition. We want to create more transparency for our services on both sides: Hosts decide for certain services in advance, from which they benefit in everyday use.


What does this mean for existing customers?

Offering our customers the best possible service is close to our hearts. This requires transparency and predictability. That’s what we want to achieve with Nuki Smart Hosting.

Of course, we are aware that the use of the Short Rental API and the partner integrations have been free of charge until now. Therefore, all existing users will have a free transition period until 30.09.2023. During this period, all services from the Smart Hosting packages can be used without payment. Customers who do not want to switch to Nuki Smart Hosting can still use their Nuki Smart Lock for their vacation accommodation. However, the integration with our partners like Airbnb, Smoobu, BookingSync, Guesty or Octorate is only possible with Nuki Smart Hosting afterwards.

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