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Nuki & Operto: a great solution for short-term rentals
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Nuki & Operto: a great solution for short-term rentals

Get Inspired 16.08.2019 | Julia Buchta

Many of us yearn for the holiday season all year round. When the time comes and we go on vacation, we want to relax and enjoy our stay. But vacation time is very often also the most stressful time for property managers or owners who have to coordinate many check-in and -outs and key handovers during the day and also take care of various other issues.

As one of our key goals is to simplify everyday life through the use of mobile technologies – our Nuki Smart Lock brings numerous advantages to short-term rentals like

  • 24/7 self check-in and -out
  • No more time and cost-intensive key handovers
  • No more lost keys
  • No need to duplicate keys anymore
  • Full remote control over the Smart Lock
  • Constant overview of who locked the door and when
  • Full control over the status of the front door
  • Easy handling of last-minute-bookings
  • .. and many more

But of course, check-in and -outs or key handovers are not the only issues property managers have to deal with during their guests stay. To simplify the everyday work of property managers, Operto Guest Technologies, one of the leading property automation systems and purpose-built software for managing connected devices in guest accommodations integrated Nuki in their software.

What benefits do property managers and their guests have when using Operto Guest Technologies and Nuki?

Access of course 😉

As the Nuki functionality got integrated in the Operto software solution, property managers are able to offer a 24/7 check-in and -out service so their guests can arrive or leave whenever they want. The flagship solution fully automates guest entry by programming unique entry codes for every reservation onto Smart Locks with a Keypad. With no action required by the manager, guests can check-in conveniently and securely 24/7 – even without using an app.

Energysaving and comfort:

When you are using a smart thermostat Operto ensures that every guest has a comfortable stay while also cutting down the monthly energy costs.


Combining noise monitoring, energy regulation and access solution – so the guests’ privacy is maintained while you can be sure that your properties are protected.

The guests experience:

In my opinion this is nowadays the most important point. Personalized technology like displays with an individual welcome message, offering guests a 24/7 check-in and -out, etc. will make your guests feel like home and give them an experience they will never forget. That’s how you stand out from the mass of hosts.

New at Nuki – the Nuki Opener

You rent an apartment and your guests still need a key for the main entrance door while the access to the apartment is already smart? The Nuki Opener (official market launch in autumn 2019) solves this problem, as the new member of the Nuki product family transforms existing intercom systems into intelligent door openers.

Together with the integration in the Operto Guest Technologies system we offer property managers a great solution to manage their apartments and safe time and money.

It’s all about experiences! As a host you will find out how relaxing it can be not to worry about lost keys, time-intensive key handovers and many other worries. Plus you will open your guests a new and smart way of enjoying their stay.

Julia Buchta
Waarom moeilijk doen als het ook makkelijk kan? Dat is mijn motto! En dus is het logisch dat ik mijn leven makkelijker maak met een paar Smart Home-gadgets. Zeker omdat mijn dagelijks leven vaak al hectisch en druk genoeg is.

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