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Shipping-date available


Hi everybody,

As promised in our last blog post, we have updated all your orders with an estimated delivery date in the Nuki Shop system to provide you with more accurate estimates about when you will get your Nuki. Here is how it works:

How to check your estimated delivery date:

  1. For Kickstarter-Users
    Based on the e-mail address you provided us when ordering via Nuki Shop or Kickstarter, we have set up an account in the Nuki Shop for you. If you ordered via the Nuki Shop you can jump to step 5 right away. Kickstarter backers will need to assign a password first. You can do this by following this link: Enter your e-mail address and click on “Reset password” on this page: EN_01_forgot_password
  2. For Kickstarter-Users
    When you have completed step 1 correctly you will see a confirmation in the header bar and receive an e-mail. Please also check your spam folder, because in our tests some e-mail systems have marked the password reset e-mail as spam. EN_03-sendmail-confirm
  3. For Kickstarter-Users
    Click on the “Click here to reset your password” link in the e-mail you received.
  4. For Kickstarter-Users
    You will then be forwarded to the Nuki Shop site where you can enter your new password. Once you have completed this step, please confirm it by clicking “Save”. EN_05_enter-password
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions, go to “Login” and sign yourself in by entering your new credentials. Alternatively, you can also sign in to the shop using this link: EN_06_login
  6. Check the estimated delivery date of your orders directly in your account overview. Estimates are given based on calendar weeks (for example “CW21” means the week starting on 23rd May). EN_09_overview

Some additional notes on your account and the estimated shipping date: Our top priority, when ranking all the orders for delivery, was to reflect at which date the order was made, consequently early-bird users will be first, followed by all other Kickstarter backers, then followed by Nuki Shop orders after our Kickstarter campaign. We are first focusing on shipping the Nuki Smartlock. Combo and Bridge orders will start about 3 weeks after the Smartlock orders. This is also the reason why Kickstarter early bird-users of a Nuki Combo will have to wait until CW22 to get their hands on Nuki products.

The shipping estimates are based on the overall feedback from our suppliers for each component as of today. As you can imagine there are plenty of activities that need to be aligned in the coming weeks, so there may still be variations. Finally, please also check your shipping address in the Nuki Shop. This one will be used for final shipping.

Kickstarter backer with additional order in Nuki Shop already made:

If you are among our Kickstarter backers and have also purchased additional items from the Nuki Shop, you were charged shipping fee twice. We will merge both orders into one single delivery to save you and us shipping costs. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward technical process to refund you the double shipping cost, but we plan the following: After we have fulfilled all presold orders (which should be completed in July) we will send out an e-mail to all users affected asking for a bank account to which we can credit the 2nd shipping fee. Please remain patient for the time being.

Kickstarter backer planning to order additional items in the Nuki Shop:

After our last updates we have received several requests from backers asking how to order additional Nuki products from the Nuki Shop without paying shipping fee twice. If you wish to do so, please go ahead with your order in the Nuki Shop using your new account (see above). Before you confirm your order, fill in “kickstarter” in the coupon field and confirm with “Apply Coupon”. This coupon will only be available until April 30th.


Further News

Now let’s move away from the administrative info and switch to what’s really important. The last few weeks have brought some more material improvements in our project time lines and we are on track for shipment in May/June.

iOS app:

We have successfully completed the Apple App Store review process and our app is already waiting for the developer release. However, you still have to be patient, because we are not going to release the Nuki app before we ship the first Smartlocks.


Most of the parts for the Nuki Smartlock are already in mass manufacturing and no additional bottlenecks arised since our update at the end of February. We will keep pushing!

Description: several thousands of small Nuki Smartlock gears


The packaging is finalized and manufacturing will be completed this week. Here is a photo of the latest packaging prototypes:



We have finalized the API documentation for the Nuki Bridge. We will make it public in time with the market launch. If you are interested in integrating Nuki in your home automation system and would like to take a look in advance, please send us a message (


The top priority over the next few weeks will be to concentrate on optimizing the Smartlock and the Nuki apps for compatibility with all kinds of smartphones and OS versions and to make it as energy efficient as possible. These activities go in parallel with our preparations for the market launch, which are also progressing with full steam. Last week we have recorded an awesome new Nuki image video and we are also working on a new version of our Nuki website to be released before market launch. It’s just a few more weeks to go…

Finally I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you who have completed the backer survey in time and who provided additional feedback. It helps a lot in finetuning Nuki to your needs.

Best regards,

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