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Shipping update


Here’s the first update since we have started shipping the Nuki Smart Lock. Just five weeks have passed and there’s already plenty of new information waiting for you. Read our summary of the first few hundred shipments and initial user feedback, get up to date about shipping forecasts for Smart Lock and Bridge as well as other software updates coming along over the course of the next few weeks.

Summary of shipments so far:

We started the delivery of the first Nuki Smart Locks at the beginning of June and are doing our best to speed up the weekly production volume. Due to the high quality standards we require for Nuki Smart Lock during the production process, we had some quality issues with purchased parts, which caused a subsequent bottleneck in production ramp-up. As always, we decided not to sacrifice on quality, but instead push our suppliers to stick to their timelines. Nevertheless, we managed to maintain our shipping forecasts without major delays (in excess of more than 7 days). Till end of June we manufactured roughly 1,000 Smart Locks (a portion of them currently being shipped to supporters). Our focus on quality seems to pay off. Our return rate due to technical malfunction is currently at less than 3%, which we consider very good for a first production run. We will push the return rate down further once the manufacturing teams are gaining operational experience.

If you haven’t seen them yet, please check out some of the first product reviews for the Nuki Smart Lock (unfortunately only in German):

Finally, the most overwhelming feedback comes from our supporters and it seems like you are really happy with what you’ve got. Thank you so much for that! It is crucial for us to keep learning from your feedback and to further optimize the software for the Nuki Smart Lock and the Nuki apps for the benefit of all of you.

Shipping forecast Nuki Smart Lock:

For July we have targeted a weekly throughput of minimum 500 Smart Lock units per week. Ideally, this should allow us to stick to the forecasted shipping dates with delays of no more than one week. As a consequence, we are not going to adjust the timelines in your account at this stage, because we cannot forecast on a detail level of +/- one week.

Shipping forecast Nuki Bridge:

Although the situation with the purchased parts which caused the initial delay is not fully solved yet, we do have significant stock to ramp up the production of the Nuki Bridge. We expect first parts in for CW29 and shipping will most likely start in CW30. There will be another separate information for all Combo & Bridge supporters about the shipping dates of your Bridge.

Upcoming software updates:


We already collected plenty of feedback from you and this helps us to optimize our software offering. There are going to be software updates for the Nuki apps (iOS & Android) during the next weeks, primarily focusing on performance and stability improvements. The updates should also bring significant improvements for those of you using the Nuki Smart Lock apps in combination with the Android Bridge app as well as Apple Watch support for all iOS users.

We will also release firmware updates for the Nuki Smart Lock. A maintenance and bugfix update in july and a feature update in August, which will be all about reducing the time required to turn the key and thus improving performance, battery efficiency and minimizing noise. More info once we are closer to the release.

Finally, some of our first supporters have reported issues with our initial logistics partner. Consequently, we decided to switch our partner and for all shipments going out in July we will work with GLS.

If you like to do us a favour, please share your Nuki experience via Facebook, Twitter or Youtube within your social network. There are still so many houses and doors that should be unlocked in a smarter way!

Have a nice summer!

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