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Why Smart Locks are the Wave of the Future

Inspírate 02.07.2019 | Guest author

If you’ve ever lost a key, you know how frustrating getting back into the house can be. If you were really smart, you’d have given one to a neighbor for safekeeping. But what if they’re not home when you need them? Perhaps you left a key in a fake rock, or under a plant somewhere. That’s convenient, but would-be thieves know to look in places like those so they can break in. You’re risking the safety of your home. Maybe you’ve been in that spot where you circle the house, testing all of the windows and other doors, hoping one is loose enough to pry open. It’s good fortune if you can get in, but just be happy you made it there first instead of someone with bad intentions.

Traditional key and lock technology have been in use for centuries. It’s been a reliable way to keep things inside safe. There have been changes to the lock mechanisms, but for the most part they’ve stayed relatively the same. Recent advances in smart devices are heralding in the first true leap in lock technology we’ve seen for a while. Smart Locks harness new the power of the internet to control who has access to your home or office and when. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of Smart Locks and why they are indeed the wave of the future.

How secure are Smart Locks?

Companies have put a lot of investment into making sure Smart Locks meet or exceed the security of traditional key locks. Encryption is built into the locks so no one can hack into your phone or lock to hijack its function. There are authentication features on the lock and app, reducing the possibility that someone can enter the property if it’s not you or they don’t have prior approval. Most Smart Locks are on the inside of the door, making it impossible for people outside to mess with.

If you’ve ever lost your keys and have had to switch locks, you know it can be expensive. A lot of times several locks operate with the same cut of key. If you’re a business that loses its master key, then you have to rekey the entire facility. All those locks and the many hours to replace them add up. With Smart Locks, access is tied to your identity, so there’s no changing keys and locks. If you ever lose your phone, all you have to do is deactivate the access permission on the Smart Lock and everything resets.

Smart Locks Are Versatile

The market for Smart Locks is growing rapidly. That means that consumers are getting more and more options. Some Smart Locks are simply add-ons. They are a component that is attached to the locking mechanism on a door. The component is controlled with a phone or some other smart device, but traditional keys will still work as well. Other Smart Locks use fingerprint scanners, and some use touch sensors on the inside that will activate the lock to open or close a door. You can choose to install Smart Locks on external doors or internal parts of a home or building. This comes in handy, for instance, when companies have sensitive research and development going on inside a facility that houses other business lines. Owners and management can have peace of mind with the added layer of internal security.

Smart Locks Are Great for Access Control

When Smart Locks started to become more popular, one of the options people loved was the ability to grant temporary access to certain individuals. No one loves having to wait at home to receive a package, or to have it sitting on the front steps all day where it can easily be stolen.

With Smart Locks, home and commercial building owners can provide temporary codes or access to guests, repair technicians, cleaners, and other people that need to get inside. The access can be set for a certain amount of time. The best Smart Locks also log activity so you can see who is coming and going, as well as what time they came. It’s great for business owners to stay on top of who is in their building when. If you have latch-key kids, parents can rest assured that their children made it home ok when they see that they’ve entered the house.

Smart Locks Are… Smart

No surprise here, but Smart Locks are smart! The newest Smart Locks have Auto Unlock features built inside, so you don’t even need to unlock your door when you’re close by. The application on your phone will talk via Bluetooth to the Smart Lock, and it will automatically trigger the unlock function as you approach. No more juggling children or groceries to dig into your pants searching for which pockets you left the keys in. All you have to do is grab the door handle and push. The same benefit exists for when you’re on your way out. By enabling the lock and go feature, some Smart Locks have touch sensors that, when pressed upon exiting, will automatically lock the door in a matter of seconds. Everyone knows the awful feeling of being locked out of your own home, but with a Smart Lock, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

Smart Locks are the perfect way to add even more personalization and security to your home or office. In addition to smart lights, thermostats and other devices, Smart Locks allow for more customization of how you control your life. The security benefits of Smart Locks to home and business owners are significant. You have ultimate control over your property and can grant access to guests when needed. You can have peace of mind knowing the people you care about, whether they be family or employees are safe and can come and go in an efficient manner. Smart Locks work across mobile platforms, and via the web, so there’s uninterrupted access to control. They’re easy to install and can be fitted onto existing doors and locking mechanisms. Upgrade your locks and start experiencing the benefits of developments in smart technology in your life.

Autor: Emmy Noel
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