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The new Smart Action Center with improved Auto Unlock


The Auto Unlock has been one of the most important and practical features since the idea of Nuki was born. We have been putting great effort into the Auto Unlock. We have been working on the algorithm for many years. We have tested it thoroughly and used it thousands of times. In this way, the Auto Unlock has already been optimised a lot.

You, the Nuki users, can already enjoy the comfort of the Auto Unlock for more than a year. Until now, the Auto Unlock feature was still in beta stage and some hurdles had to be overcome:

  • The balancing act between functionality and battery life

    Since smartphones and the Nuki Smart Lock don’t have unlimited power, the incidence of connections between the devices must be kept as low as possible, in order to keep the power consumption to a minimum. Therefore, the Nuki app may not search for Smart Locks permanently, because otherwise, the battery of the smartphone would deplete too quickly. It was important for us to find an algorithm, which on the one hand saves power, and on the other hand quickly opens the door as soon as you are standing in front of it.

  • Technical limitations

    In addition, there are various limitations of different smartphones and their operating systems. The Nuki app is often provided with inaccurate or delayed location data by the smartphone, which means that sometimes the Auto Unlock can’t open your door in time. With the Nuki app, we try to detect and cover such cases as best as we can. Above all, the most important thing for us is to avoid false Auto Unlocks. So for securitiy reasons, it may happen that in a few rare cases your Smart Lock doesn’t open the door when you come home – better than opening your door at a wrong time.

A few months ago, we have implemented features into the Nuki App, which make the Auto Unlock more transparent for users. For example there is the Auto Unlock Info Screen, where you can track the current state of the Auto Unlock on a map. There you can also find the Auto Unlock Expert Settings, which allow you to configure various actions for the different Geofence events. But that’s still not enough for us.

The new Smart Action Center with improved Auto Unlock and new Smart Notifications and Smart Warnings

As we continue to improve the Nuki app, we have now managed to further optimise our favourite feature. With the latest Nuki app version 1.5.0 the Auto Unlock has now left the beta stage behind and will be activated for newly added Smart Locks by default.

With the Nuki App Version 1.5.0 we introduce the brand new Smart Action Center. It includes the improved Auto Unlock, as well as the new Smart Notifications and Smart Warnings.

  • The Auto Unlock automatically unlocks the door when you come near the Smart Lock. Here you can learn more about the Auto Unlock.
  • With the Smart Notifications you will get a push notification on your smartphone when you get close to your Smart Lock. With an action button you can unlock the door quickly, without opening the Nuki app.
  • The Smart Warnings will notify you when you leave your Smart Lock and the door is still unlocked. You can lock the door directly by clicking on the action button.
Smart Action Center

The new features give you the highest possible degree of transparency and comfort. Whether you’ve activated the Auto Unlock or not – with the actionable notifications when you approach or leave your Smart Lock, you can quickly lock or unlock the door by simply tapping on the desired lock action in the notification – without opening the Nuki app. This is also very handy for smartwatch users as they do not have to use their smartphone or open the Nuki app on the smartwatch.


After working really hard on the Nuki Smart Action Center, we will still not rest. We are constantly striving to offer you the best possible keyless smart home experience. Although the Auto Unlock feature has left the beta stage, we will continue to optimise it as much as possible and always adapt it to the latest technical conditions.

From some of you we have even got the feedback, that the Auto Unlock has already been “too good”, as in some situations it opens the door a little too quickly. For this reason, we consider one of our next steps to adjust the sensitivity of the Auto Unlock.

Update the Nuki app to the new version 1.5.0 and enable the Smart Actions and Smart Warnings. Tap on the desired Smart Lock and go to Settings > Smart Action Center. Let us know how you like the new features. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Your Nuki team