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Nuki is coming to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg


There’s a great demand for Nuki products throughout Europe, however, up to now Nuki products were mainly distributed in Germany and Austria. If people managed to install Nuki outside this region anyways, our Nuki products only spoke German and English.

Nuki is coming to Benelux

But we have good news for everyone living in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Starting today, Nuki Smart Lock, Nuki Bridge and the Nuki Fob are officially available in all Benelux countries and our Nuki apps now speak your language (Dutch and French).

As Nuki is now available to twice as many people, we make a major step towards our goal to make many European doors smart and the physical key irrelevant. If you want to be part of the movement, you can order Nuki in our shop online today or become part of our partner program and distribute Nuki to your customers.

We are planning to make our products available to many more countries in the upcoming months. So stay tuned. Maybe your country is next on our list.