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Nuki @ IFA 2018: Product innovation on board!


Nuki Keypad / The new upgrade for your Smart Lock

BRAND NEW: Nuki Keypad. Simply for everyone
Finally it’s official: At this year’s IFA 2018 in Berlin, we are proud to present the latest addition to the Nuki product range – the Nuki Keypad. With this new design, we responded to our customers’ most frequently requested demand. For all those of you who are finding it difficult to wait, and who want to experience and test the brand new device up close and personal, we invite you to come and visit us at the IFA in Berlin: Hall 6.2, Stand 121.
Here you can find a short overview of some of the product features:

Access via an Entry Code
The keypad is managed via the Nuki App: assign up to 99 individual entry codes, which can also be of limited duration, as usual. You can, for example, grant access to your neighbours to water your flowers while you are on holiday – after that the entry code becomes invalid. In future, your family, guests or service providers can be granted convenient access to your home via a 6-digit entry code. A small tip in advance: be creative with the assignment of the PIN, and don’t use the zero!

Smart Extension
The keypad communicates with your Nuki Smart Lock via Bluetooth. In essence, you don’t require a Nuki Bridge to use the keypad, but to access your Smart Lock remotely and assign entry codes on the go, we recommend using the keypad in combination with the Nuki Combo. Thanks to the blocking protocol, you can still keep track of who locked your front door, and when.

Simple Installation
Just like the existing product portfolio, the Nuki Keypad was also designed as a retro-fit solution. Installation is simple and done and dusted in just a few minutes: you can stick the keypad onto the door frame or attach it with screws to the wall of the house. Don’t worry: There is no need to lay cables or wires, as the keypad is battery-powered.

Security and Theft Protection
Unlike the ‘invisible’ Nuki Smart Lock, the keypad is mounted on the exterior of the door. Since it is visible to outsiders, it’s possible that it may be stolen. We understand that this can cause you to worry, and we have provided an immediate remedy with the «Theft Replacement Program»: If your keypad is stolen, we will send you a free replacement product upon presentation of your documents (loss report and original invoice). In addition, please be informed that our security mechanisms make the keypad completely worthless to unauthorized persons and that it cannot be used by them. For this reason, the user must confirm an admin. PIN when s/he set it up for time. Without an admin. PIN, the administration of the keyboard is impossible, i.e. resetting it to default settings is also not possible.

As far as entry code security is concerned, everything remains as per normal: these remain secure and optimally protected using end-to-end encryption (such as that used for online banking).

We look forward to seeing you at the IFA Berlin, Hall 6.2, Stand 121!

PS: You will find all further details about the brand new Nuki Keypad on 10.09.2018. Visit our Nuki website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.