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Nuki shop launching today


Our web- and marketing teams have been busy throughout the holiday period, so we can proudly announce:

The Nuki shop is taking off and already accepting your preorders! ​

Pre-order your Nuki Starting from today, you will be able to pre-order Nuki right here in our very own shop. The following products will be available:
  • Nuki Keyturner
    Your entry ticket into the world of Nuki, widely known from Kickstarter.
  • Nuki Bridge
    Available for the first time as stand-alone item for everyone looking to upgrade his Nuki Keyturner.
  • Nuki Combo
    Our top-seller out of the Kickstarter campaign continues in friendly preorder pricing.
  • Nuki Fob
    We promised you a fob as stretch goal, now it’s already available in our shop.

Due to the success of our crowdfunding campaign we have fully filled order books right from the start. Right now we are in the middle of the industrialization of Nuki and cannot estimate a final delivery time. Therefore all orders will be served based on a “first come, first served” basis. So first in the row are the 2,038 backers from Kickstarter and this list will be continued chronologically with preorders out of our shop. All current orders from the Nuki shop will have a delivery date set for February 2016, and this will be moved to later months with an increasing number of preorders. So you better be fast!

Right from the beginning the Nuki shop will offer you three different payment methods (Credit Card, Paypal, Sofort Banking) and is available globally.

From now on we will also send regular bi-weekly updates via our newsletter or our blog to keep you updated about our development process. You can sign up for our newsletter right here on our website, to make sure you don’t miss a single info.

We hope you like it and spread the news with your friends!

All the best,
Your Nuki-Team