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We are getting closer


Dear Nuki fans,

here’s our first update in 2016. We have seen great progress in various streams of our project, so I’m excited to share some news with you and give you a heads-up on the big picture:

Nuki production

For the very first time a batch of 20 Nuki prototypes is out of production and we’re very happy with the overall quality of our manufacturing. We can use these prototypes to refine toolings and to eliminate some minor issues for the next iteration. It’s pretty standard to face issues at this stage, but we are iterating quickly so that we can ship your Nukis in excellent quality. In total, we decided to not send out these first prototypes for user testing at this stage and will do so with the next iteration early in February without any impact on general shipping dates.

Here are some pics from the factory showing some tools:

Tools used for Nuki
Main tool for Nuki body
Inside of Nuki

We will receive first prototypes of the Nuki Bridge by the end of January and are on track to ship the first bridges in March.

Nuki FOB

Just today we received first samples of the Nuki Fob (see picture below) and are also going into final testing these days. All software required for the Nuki Fob is already completed.

Nuki Fob front view
Nuki Fob back view

Software Development

Our mobile apps are almost finished. We completed all features on iOS & Android Smartphone apps, the Android Bridge app and the Android Wear app. In January we’ll also finalize the Apple Watch app. We will not publish apps to the store before we officially start shipping and will focus on app testing and quality improvements for the time being.

Nuki packaging

As we are approaching the first shipments, we also kicked off the work on the Nuki packaging. We will send you a more detailed update on the packaging next week and are excited to hear your feedback.


All in all there are lots of activities going on and we are still committed to start shipping in February. Shipping will be done gradually in batches of different sizes, which means not all of you can expect to get their Nuki in February. By handling shipping this way we can ensure the best quality of the Nuki products and we hope you will appreciate this.


Looking forward to give you another update soon,