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AV-Test confirms the safety of the Nuki Smart Lock - 2019 // Nuki awarded as safe Smart Home product
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AV-TEST again confirms the security of the Nuki Smart Lock

Siéntete seguro 21.05.2019 | Sebastian Scholz

Safety issues are crucial to all Smart Home devices – especially when it comes to electronic door locks. As a result, a lot of questions on security naturally come up within our community. The safety of your home has been paramount to us from day one and we have therefore invested a lot of time and resources into our encryption concept. Of course, it helps to have the security of the Nuki Smart Lock further validated by external sources as well. That’s why we look forward to independent institutes putting it through its paces. A well-known point of contact for these types of safety tests is the German “AV-Test” Institute. AV-Test GmbH is considered to be the foremost independent research institute for IT security in Germany. For over 15 years, the experts from Magdeburg have guaranteed quality-ensuring comparative and individual tests of internationally relevant IT security products.

In April 2018, AV-Test had already certified the Nuki Smart Lock as a safe Smart Home product. We have further developed both the soft- and hardware of our Smart Lock since then, and even introduced a new version, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0.

Now, we are putting the new version of the Smart Lock to the test, as we aren’t the only ones hard at work constantly developing our security concept – hackers are of course continuing to try and find weak spots.

That’s why we are pleased that AV-Test again certified the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and the latest version of the app as safe Smart Home products:

“The current 2.0 version of the Smart Lock by the Austrian company Nuki convinces our testers on all points critical to security. Overall, we found the security concept to be adequate all along the line, meeting our test criteria in all relevant areas."

AV-Test furthermore remarks that the Nuki Smart Lock uses data in an exceptionally sparing manner. For example, you don’t need an account to use the Nuki Smart Lock. All that’s required is the Nuki app or an individual 6-digit entry code.

Of course, we will continue developing our security concept further, to make sure that the Nuki Smart Lock remains safe from manipulations in the future as well.
You can find the detailed test report at the AV-Test website.

Tested products:

  • Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 (Firmware: 2.4.5)
  • Nuki Bridge (Firmware: 2.1.37)
  • Nuki iOS app (Version: 2.1.7)
  • Nuki Android app (Version: 2.1.4)
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