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Happy Birthday – five years of Nuki

Get Inspired 17.11.2021 | Vanessa Sacher

Nuki celebrates its birthday. The official market launch of our Nuki Smart Lock was in November 2016. Since then, we have experienced many highs and celebrated great moments together with our community.

Where we stand today

Our product portfolio has been expanded from 1 to 10 products. The Nuki team has grown 20 times. Since we founded the Nuki Club in 2020, we rely on a strong community of over 60,000 enthusiastic members. What hasn’t changed is the look ahead and the focus on the essentials. Our vision to digitalise as many keys as possible drives us day by day and gives people a stress-free everyday life.

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Behind the scenes

Within the last five years, our smart access solutions have become reliable companions for many people in the world. We take this opportunity to look behind the scenes at Nuki and share some highlights from long-time Nuki employees:

“My highlight was the time after the launch of the Kickstarter campaign and how quickly we reached our funding goal.” (Matthias, Design Expert)
“It was incredible when we started in 2015 as one of the first projects on the German Kickstarter campaign. Back then we were still “Noki” and reached our goal within a few hours. This encouraged us that we were on the right track and motivated us to keep going. But my biggest highlight is the team behind Nuki. Without this amazing team we wouldn’t be where we are today. I am proud to be part of it.”
(Kerstin, Head of Customer Experience)
“My biggest highlight was seeing the products in the stores that I have helped to develop.” (Marc, Technical Expert)
“My biggest highlight in the last few years was when we worked as a team on our corporate values. We were 50 employees at the time and every single person actively contributed their ideas. It was incredible to see how the different perspectives came together and how clear we were in the end about what our culture is.” (Angela, Head of People)
“The launch of Smart Lock 2.0 was my highlight. Especially the expansion into new markets has confirmed that the hard work was worth it. We are very proud of Nuki’s success so far.”
(Matthias, Head of Sales)
“The smooth relocation to the new logistics centre, the development of the generations from Smart Lock 1.0 to 3.0, and the friendships that have developed within the company are my big highlights at Nuki.” (Leo, Fulfillment Center Expert)
“I am impressed by what we have achieved with Nuki over the years. However, the launch of the latest generation stands out in particular, as we have expanded our product range once again. I think that we have made a successful overall presentation here as a team. The feedback from our customers confirms my work.” (Werner, Marketing Manger)
The two brand new models Smart Lock 3.0 and Smart Lock 3.0 Pro belong to the improved generation of retrofittable smart door locks. With this new product generation Nuki expands its market leadership in the smart home sector and is looking forward to an exciting future.

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