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Here comes your Nuki [„new key“]


Our recent success and press coverage has also caught the attention of somebody else: Nokia, the once world-leading manufacturer of mobile phones, has claimed that our registered combined trademark “Noki” is confusingly similar to the “Nokia”-brand. Therefore Nokia has urged us to stop using the brand “Noki” going forward. Their claim was raised correctly within the mandatory objection period applicable to trademark registrations. We have anticipated this risk when we decided to go for the “Noki” trademark, but we didn’t expect Nokia to be so nit-picked in their execution of their claims. ​

Without laying out our view about these claims we decided to not enter a legal confrontation with Nokia and agreed to stop using the “Noki” trademark as of 15th July 2015.

We are a start-up company. Building a smart door lock for Europe is a very challenging task that takes all we have got. We want to focus our entire energy as well as financial resources on delivering a great product to our community and not waste our time with a legal confrontation and a doubtful outcome. That’s what we owe to you for your great support throughout the last months.

As a consequence, we are moving from “Noki” (“no key”) to “Nuki” (“new key”).

We believe the “new key” claim fits even better with our actual vision of adding a completely new, smart and seamless way of interacting with our door locks on top of the existing keys, which still work. Moreover, Nuki represents a more positive approach towards new technologies (something “new” vs. something “no” longer available) which is exactly what we want to stand for.

Starting from today we will change all our branding from Noki to Nuki. This will have no impact on you, nor the development of Nuki products going forward. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at or in the comments section.

So, say hello to Nuki!


Yours, Martin