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Nuki Opener ordered and installed – what the first Opener users are saying

Nuki News 01.08.2019 | Sebastian Scholz

We’re starting to get feedback on the new Nuki Opener, and we’ve just got to share it with you!
A few weeks ago, we began sending out invitations offering users the chance to buy the Nuki Opener before anyone else. Since then, we’ve received plenty of exciting messages from our users, and we’re overwhelmed by the interest so many people are showing. Right after we sent out the first invitations, we started getting the first orders in almost immediately. We’re so pleased to be able to share the experiences of our first Opener users right here:

Stephan L. (Berlin)
"I live in a building with several units, and it has always frustrated me that I could open my flat the "smart" way, but not the front door of the building. So along with my Apple Watch with my music and the Nuki app, I used to have to take my old front door key with me whenever I went out. The Nuki Opener takes care of this problem for me – now I can use the Ring to Open feature to open both the front door and the door to my flat with my Apple Watch!"
Markus B. (Schönkirchen)
"The Nuki Opener was really easy to install! All of the features work exactly as described, and now, with the Ring to Open feature, the front door key is finally a thing of the past. Grand!"
Jakob S. (Cologne)
"The Nuki Opener is really brilliant. Key to my flat, key to the front door, all in one app. I can finally leave my keys at home for real! One feature I find particularly convenient is that I can activate the Ring to Open for one-time use with the button if I just need to go right out for a bit, and I don't need to take my smartphone with me."

Our team of developers are working daily to add new intercom systems so we can send out more invitations. So if you’ve already requested an invitation but haven’t received one yet, don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about you! We’ll send you your invitation by email as soon as your intercom system is available for use with the Nuki Opener.

So what’s our next move going to be? We’re not using the summer to relax and take a break – instead, it’s full steam ahead. Our goal is to verify as many systems as possible by the time of the official launch in September. And even after that, we will try to keep adding new systems to the compatibility list. So if your system isn’t classified on the list as compatible yet, you’d be doing us a tremendous favour by sending a picture of your intercom to (preferably one picture from the inside and one picture from the outside).

Would you also like the exclusive chance to get the Nuki Opener before it’s officially available?
Do our compatibility check now, and request an invitation! If you’re lucky, you may soon be the next happy owner of the Nuki Opener, able to go through your day without carrying any keys.

Get the Nuki Opener before everybody else!

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