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Keyless access - the additional feature for hosts
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Keyless access – the additional feature for hosts

Nuki News 14.04.2020 | Julia Buchta

In order to have your accommodation permanently booked out, it is no longer enough to be present on only one booking platform. In the age of Airbnb,, Expedia, etc., guests have a variety of possibilities to get an exact overview of the accommodation offer before booking.

According to a study by Bitkom Research (site in German), the two main reasons why guests use booking platforms are the possibilities of “quickly and easily comparing many offers” and “quickly and easily finding the best offer”. Thus hosts are virtually forced to offer their accommodation on as many booking platforms as possible in addition to their own website. Hosts and property managers also face many other challenges, such as communicating with guests, handing over keys and preparing the accommodation for the next guests.

Property management software

There are various software solutions that support hosts in coordinating the different booking platforms and make the management of holiday properties much easier. These property management software solutions contribute to a successful channel management. Well-known property management software providers, such as Smoobu, Guesty or BookingSync, offer hosts and property managers a wide range of tools to make vacation property rentals more profitable and efficient. In addition to a reservation and booking system, they offer the possibility to create websites, handle guest communication and much more.

Locking the door without a key? How is that possible?

Thanks to Nuki’s open API, property management software providers can now integrate the features of the Nuki Smart Lock into their software offering their customers even more convenience. Hosts and property managers benefit from the extensive advantages of Smoobu, Guesty or BookingSync as well as from the features of the Nuki Smart Lock that make everyday life easier and keyless. The connection allows hosts to assign and manage access permissions for their holiday homes remotely. Time-consuming and cost-intensive key handovers are no longer necessary! Property managers can automate the key handover and save time and costs by offering guests a 24/7 self check-in and coordinating last-minute bookings without any troubles. Hosts only need the management software from Smoobu, Guesty or BookingSync and the Nuki Smart Lock as hardware solution.

“The cooperation with Nuki has an enormous added value for our users. Access codes get generated and send out to the guests automatically for each booking. This is a great time saver! We are using the Nuki solution ourselves and are happy to now offer it live on our platform to our hosts”, says Philipp Reuter, Co-Founder, Smoobu

How does the integration work?

The API-integration with several property management software providers is already available to all Nuki users. Just log in with your existing Nuki web account at (or activate Nuki Web) and use all features:

  • A few days before arrival, the guest receives an automatic email notification with the digital access code.
  • If the booking gets changed or cancelled, the assigned authorizations will change automatically as well.
  • The digital access code expires automatically after the end of the booking.

several property management software providers

To use the integration, you need a Nuki Smart Lock, a Nuki Bridge and a Nuki web account.

  • Log in to your Nuki web account at
  • Click on “Short term rental” in the menu on the left side
  • Click on the “Connect” button
  • Select your management software and click “Connect” again
  • Log in with your login data and then connect to the provider

The partnership allows users of integrated property management solutions to enjoy a variety of channel management benefits. Thanks to the Nuki integration, it is also possible now to streamline and automate the check-in process to save time and money.

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Julia Buchta
Waarom moeilijk doen als het ook makkelijk kan? Dat is mijn motto! En dus is het logisch dat ik mijn leven makkelijker maak met een paar Smart Home-gadgets. Zeker omdat mijn dagelijks leven vaak al hectisch en druk genoeg is.

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