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Your electronic door lock for your home: Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 Get to know Nuki and learn the amazing advantages of smart access solutions.
Works with Apple HomeKit.

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0
Red Dot Winner 2020

The Nuki Smart Lock turns your smartphone into a smart key.


Easy to retrofit

Mount your Smart Lock onto your existing cylinder and key. Installation takes less than
3 minutes
– no screwing or drilling required.

Smart Keys

Smart keys

Assign virtual keys to family and friends with the Nuki App – these can be recurring or indefinite.


Safe home

Keep track of who locked your door and when, and whether your front door is securely locked.

Certified security
for your door lock

The Nuki Smart Lock offers you maximum convenience without compromising safety – with security standards similar to those in online banking. This has also been verified by independent security institutes like AV-TEST.

AV Test Security 2021

Every feature at a glance

Auto Unlock & Lock

Nuki automatically unlocks when you come home and locks again when you close the door.

Open remotely

Enhance your Smart Lock with the Nuki Bridge and let friends and family in, even when you’re not home.

Maximum security

Safety first – All communication with the Smart Lock is protected with end-to-end encryption.

Never lose another key

No more cutting keys or changing locks. Simply manage permissions using the app.

Smart retrofitting

Fit the mounting plate onto the lock cylinder, insert the key, attach your Smart Lock, and you’re good to go!

Nuki door sensor

With the innovative door sensor and Nuki app, you always know if your front door is open or closed.

Continuous monitoring

Monitor who has come and gone while you’re at work, on the go, or on holiday.

Smart Home integration

Nuki works with leading Smart Home providers and fits seamlessly into your existing environment.

Here’s how the Nuki Smart Lock works
See the smart electronic door lock in action in this step-by-step animation.

A small extension to your door lock, a huge relief to your everyday life. With Nuki and your smartphone, you can easily benefit from the countless advantages of a smart door lock!

Easy installation on the inner side of the door

Nuki is mounted on the door from the inside. The electronic door lock is ready to use in less than three minutes – no screwing or drilling required.

Your own personal assistant

The Nuki Smart Lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and Apple HomeKit

You can even control your Smart Lock remotely – thanks to the Nuki Bridge.

Compatible with a variety of voice-activated assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The Nuki Fob lets you control the Nuki electronic door lock without a smartphone.

Convenient control with the free Nuki app for Android and iOS devices.

The LED ring on your Smart Lock shows its status.

Here’s how the Smart Lock works

See the smart electronic door lock in action in this step-by-step animation.

Works with Apple HomeKit


How do I check
if Nuki fits my door?

The Nuki Smart Lock supports Euro profile cylinders, Swiss round cylinders, knob cylinders and oval cylinders. If you’re not sure your cylinder is compatible, you can find out with our installation check.

Go to installation check

How do I mount the Nuki Smart Lock on my door?

You fasten or stick the Smart Lock to your existing cylinder on the inside of the door. Both variants can be removed without leaving a trace, making them ideal for renters. You mount your Nuki on the inner side of the door, so it’s not visible from the outside.

Watch video

Control your Smart Lock with the Nuki app

The Nuki app is available for iOS and Android devices – free of charge. You can set up, manage and operate all your Nuki products with the Nuki app.

Nuki App + Apple Watch App
Nuki App Animation
Auto Unlock
  • Unlock and lock your door

    Unlock and lock the electronic door lock by simply swiping your smartphone or smartwatch.

  • Auto Unlock

    If you have Auto Unlock activated, the Nuki Smart Lock recognises your phone and automatically opens the door for you without you having to lift a finger.

  • Lock ’n’ Go

    If you want Nuki to lock the door behind you when you leave your home, simply use the Lock ’n’ Go function. Either with the Nuki app or with the button right on the Smart Lock.

  • Access permissions

    Manage access permissions for your family, friends, guests, handymen or babysitters – these can be permanent, recurring or one-offs.

  • Activity log

    If you want, the Nuki app can also record who opens or closes your Smart Lock and when.

  • Smartwatch integration

    The Nuki app is also available for the Apple Watch, Huawei, Galaxy, Garmin and Android smartwatches. Open and lock your door from the comfort of your wrist.

Nuki Combo

Smart combination:
Nuki Combo 2.0

Enhance your Smart Lock with the Nuki Bridge and get full online access. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Open your door remotely while on the move
  • Unlock and lock your door with your smartphone
  • Auto Unlock – unlocks automatically as you approach
  • Full control over who opens your door via Nuki Web

199 €Buy Nuki Combo

Frequently asked questions

  • How secure is Nuki?

  • Can I carry on unlocking / locking the door with my key?

    If your lock cylinder has an emergency function, you can still use your old key. If you can still lock your door from the outside when there is already a key in the lock on the inside, then your lock has an emergency function. You can use the Nuki Smart Lock on locks without an emergency function (or priority function). However, we recommend only using the Smart Lock on those with an emergency function. You can have your existing door lock retrofitted with an emergency function. For this, contact your locksmith.
  • What happens if the Smart Lock’s batteries go flat?

    The Nuki Smart Lock works with four standard AA batteries. As soon as the battery charge level falls below 20%, the Nuki app notifies you, giving you sufficient time to change the batteries. You can also use your key to lock/unlock your door if the lock has an emergency function. The average battery life is around 6 months. Your Smart Lock’s power consumption will depend on the frequency of locking/unlocking actions and how smoothly they can be carried out. You can find more information about the batteries here.
  • How can I unlock the door if I’ve forgotten my smartphone or the battery is flat?

    There are many potential ways to actuate your Nuki Smart Lock if your smartphone isn’t available. Nuki offers a variety of add-ons, such as the Nuki Fob or Nuki Keypad, which enable you to lock/unlock the door without a key or smartphone. You can also log into your Nuki Web account using any device with Internet access and open the door from there. If necessary, you can also unlock your door with your normal key if your lock has an emergency function.