Smart Lock 3.0

The electronic door lock for everyone: Nuki Smart Lock 3.0

Open your door with your smartphone instead of keys and simplify your everyday life.

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Nuki Smart Lock 3.0

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Door open

The Nuki Smart Lock turns your
smartphone into a smart key

Open doors with Auto Unlock

Open your smart door with your smartphone, smartwatch or automatically with Auto Unlock.

Easy to install

The electronic door lock is mounted on the door from the inside. No screwing or drilling required.

Always keep track of things

Use the Nuki app to monitor who has come and gone while you’re at work, on the go, or on holiday.

Assign secure access permissions

Share digital keys for your Nuki Smart Lock with family and friends with ease using the app.

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Nuki. The Smart Lock.

Discover the advantages of Nuki

Control your Smart Lock with the convenient app

Available for many devices

The free Nuki app is available for iOS, Android and Huawei smartphones. You can set up, operate and manage all your Nuki products with the Nuki app.

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Open doors with Auto Unlock

With the Auto Unlock function, the Nuki Smart Lock recognises your phone in your pocket and automatically opens the door for you – for hands-free entry.

Open and lock with a swipe

Lock and unlock the electronic door lock by simply swiping your smartphone or from the comfort of your wrist with your smartwatch.

Access permissions for your loved ones

Assign and manage access permissions for your family, friends, guests or babysitters – either recurring or temporary.

Activity log for a full overview

With the Nuki app, you always know who has locked your door and if it’s securely locked.

Use Nuki with your smartwatch

The Nuki app is also available for the Apple Watch, Android smartwatches (Wear OS) like the Garmin Watch, the Galaxy Watch (Tizen OS) and the Huawei Watch (HarmonyOS).

Nuki Smart Lock App

Smart Lock 3.0 Security

Certified security
for your door lock

Nuki offers you convenience and maximum security for your door lock.

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Remote access at any time – with the Nuki Bridge

Connect your Smart Lock to the Nuki Bridge and access your front door remotely. You can also use handy smart home integrations.

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Nuki Bridge Nuki Smart Lock Remote

Compare our Smart Lock models

Find out which Nuki solution can simplify your everyday life.

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 White
Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro White
Nuki Smart Lock 3.0
The beginner-friendly Nuki Smart Lock for keyless access to your home
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Incl. 4 AA batteries
  • Compatible with Nuki Bridge
  • Available in white
Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro
Electronic door lock with a built-in Wi-Fi module for remote access
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Power Pack included for extra power
  • Elegant design in two colours
169 €
279 €
Open your door with your smartphone, Auto Unlock
or intelligent add-ons
Open with HomeKit & Siri
Open with Amazon Alexa
(requires Nuki Bridge)
Open with Google Assistant
(requires Nuki Bridge)
Remote control and management
(requires Nuki Bridge)
Power supply
4 AA batteries (included)
Nuki Power Pack included (2,500 mAh)

  • How secure is the Smart Lock?

    Nuki uses state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms commonly used in online banking. All communication with the Smart Lock is protected with end-to-end encryption. We also have our Smart Lock regularly inspected and certified by independent security institutes. The Nuki Smart Lock has once again been certified by AV-TEST as a secure smart home product in 2021.
  • How do I check if the Nuki Smart Lock fits my door?

    With our installation check, you can find out if your door lock is compatible with Nuki. You fasten or stick the Smart Lock to your existing cylinder on the inside of the door. This means both variants can be removed without leaving a trace, making them ideal for renters.

    Since your Smart Lock is mounted on the door from the inside, no one on the outside can tell that you’re using an electronic door lock. Using a smart lock does not affect your insurance coverage.
  • What do I do if don’t have a smartphone or my battery runs out?

    If you’re out and about and don’t have your smartphone with you, there are other ways to unlock your door:
    • If your door lock has an emergency function, you can simply use your existing mechanical key.
    • You can ask another person with an access permission to open the door for you. If you have a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro or a Nuki Bridge for your Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, it will also work remotely.
    • The Nuki Keypad or Nuki Fob offer you a perfect alternative for opening your front door quickly, easily and without a smartphone or physical key.
  • What happens if my batteries or the rechargeable battery pack in the Smart Lock run out?

    When the battery level reaches approx. 20%, Nuki will inform you via the Nuki app and on the Smart Lock directly that the batteries or rechargeable battery pack are running low. This gives you enough time to insert new batteries or charge the Nuki Power Pack. You can find more information about batteries, rechargeable battery pack and the battery level here.

    You can still lock your door from the outside with your key as long as your cylinder has an emergency or priority function. This means you can lock the door from the outside even if a key is inserted in the lock from the inside.
    With our installation check, you can find out if your lock has this function.
  • What are the differences between Smart Lock 3.0 and 3.0 Pro?

    The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 is the beginner-friendly Smart Lock for keyless access to your home. Like our tried-and-tested Nuki Smart Locks, it is easy to retrofit, compatible with the Nuki Bridge and supplied with 4 AA batteries. The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 is available in white.

    The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro takes everything you already love about Nuki and makes it even better. Smarter, more convenient, more powerful.
    • Say hello to Wi-Fi: The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. This means you no longer need a Nuki Bridge to control it remotely.
    • More power for your Smart Lock: The smart door lock now comes with the Nuki Power Pack included as standard – for more power.
    • Elegant design in two colours: The elegant Smart Lock 3.0 Pro with aluminium ring is now available in white and black.