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We are delighted that you have chosen the Nuki Smart Lock! Here you will find a few tips and tricks on installation and setup to help you get up and running right away. You can also discover a number of interesting facts about Nuki.

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Is my current door lock compatible with Nuki?

The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro) supports Euro profile cylinders, Swiss round cylinders, knob cylinders and UK oval cylinders. We recommend using Nuki Smart Lock only with cylinders which have an emergency function. This function ensures that the cylinder can be used with a key on one side, when another key is inserted on the other side. Answer 7 brief questions to find out if Nuki Smart Lock can be installed on your door lock. Installation check

The key adapter has been reworked and the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro) is compatible with conventional knob cylinders. The adapter acts as a connector between the knob cylinder and your Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro) and must be ordered along for proper use. You can find more information and installation instructions here.

Your lock doesn’t meet Nuki’s requirements? Don’t despair! In most cases, changing the lock cylinder is simple. In the following video we’ll show you how to change the cylinder in just a few quick steps.

Europrofil Doppelzylinder mit BSZ / Not & Gefahrenfunktion

Euro Profile Double Cylinder

Schweizer Rundprofilzylinder

Swiss Round Cylinder

Türbeschlag auf dem Nuki befestigt wird

Shield or rosette fitting

Knauf & Drücker mit Falle

Knob or handle

Türschloss Mehrfachveriegelung

Multipoint lock

Vertikaler Schlüsselkanal beim Europrofil Schießzylinder

Vertical key channel

UK oval Zylinder

UK Oval Cylinder

Knaufzylinder am Türbeschlag

Knob cylinder

Amerikanischer Dead Bolt Schließzylinder

Dead Bolt

Zusatzverriegelung auf der Türe

security lock

Automatisch verriegeldes Panikschloss

Automatically locking lock

How do I mount the Nuki Smart Lock on my door?

Nuki can be easily installed on the inside of your door, on top of your existing lock and key. Depending on the height of the lock cylinder, the Smart Lock can be clamped on it, or glued to the door. The key will be operated by Nuki as soon as you have configured your Smart Lock with the Nuki app.

Watch the installation video now

Nuki Installation

Nuki Türsensor

With the new Nuki Door Sensor, the Smart Lock 3.0, the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro and the Nuki app, you can always keep track of your front door. This way, you always have the confidence of knowing your door is closed and safely locked – even from a distance. The new Door Sensor sends you an alert if your Smart Lock receives a lock command while the door is still open.

Your lock doesn’t meet Nuki’s requirements? Don’t despair! In most cases, changing the lock cylinder is simple. In the following video we’ll show you how to change the cylinder in just a few quick steps.

How do I install the Nuki Bridge?

Nuki Bridge Installation

Plug in & start immediately

If you’ve opted for the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 or the Nuki Opener, you can bring your devices online with the separate Nuki Bridge. Simply plug the Nuki Bridge into a socket that is less than 5m away from the Smart Lock or Opener and connect it to the device and your Wi-Fi. And done – it couldn’t be easier!

If your Smart Lock is connected to your Wi-Fi, you can also access it from outside of the Bluetooth range. The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is already equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module, which means you don’t need a Bridge. A Nuki Bridge can be paired with several Smart Locks.

Find out here, how to improve the connection between the Smart Lock and the Bridge .

How secure is the Nuki Smart Lock?

Nuki AV Test

Ever since the 1st generation of Smart Locks, security has always been a top priority. For this reason, the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro) continues to rely on the secure end-to-end encryption concept. Nuki was certified as a secure Smart Home product by the independent test institute AV-Test. Learn more

More useful details about security of Nuki:


  • Auto Unlock

    With the Auto Unlock feature your Nuki Smart Lock unlocks your door automatically when you come home. Your smartphone remains in your pocket. Here, you’ll find more detailed information about Auto Unlock.

  • Lock ’n’ Go

    If you want Nuki to lock your door seconds after you left your home, simply activate the Lock ’n’ Go function feature from your smartphone app or from the button on the Smart Lock. Here, you’ll find more detailed information about Lock’n’Go.

  • Auto Lock

    The Auto Lock feature automatically locks your door when it has been unlocked for a certain period of time. Here you’ll find more detailed information about Auto Lock.

  • Access Control

    Manage home access for your family, friends, guests, craftsmen or baby-sitter – on a permanent, recurring or one-time basis. Here you’ll find more detailed information on how to assign access permissions.

  • Activity Log

    By enabling Nuki’s activity log, the app gives you a complete list of whoever locked or unlocked your door, and when. Here you’ll find more detailed information on the activity log.

Smart Accessories: Bridge

Stay connected.

The Nuki Bridge brings your Smart Lock online, so you can manage and control it remotely with the Nuki app anytime and anywhere.

99 €Buy now

Manage your Smart Lock online

Smart Home Integration durch 3rd Party Apps

Smart Home

The Nuki Bridge brings your home Wi-Fi and your Nuki Smart Lock together.

Zugriff zum Smart Home über das Internet

Remote unlock

Open for a handyman, dog sitter or deliveries, even if you are not at home.

Smart Home Status immer einsehbar

24/7 control

Stay in perfect control of who came or left home while you’re at work or on holiday.

Smart Accessories: Fob

At your fingertip.

The perfect companion to the Nuki Smart Lock. As a full-fledged key replacement, the Fob locks or unlocks your door at the touch of a button. A remote control for those who love simplicity.

39 €Buy now

Nuki fob Leichtgewicht

Very simple access

Do you want to grant other people access without giving them an extra key? The Fob locks and unlocks the door at the touch of a button.

Nuki ohne Smartphone

Secured against loss

Never again replace keys or change locks. Simple deactivate the lost Fob in the Nuki app or through Nuki Web and you’re done.

nuki für Jeden

Individual access permissions

You decide who enters your house when and how often. This makes working together with your caregiver or cleaner much easier.

Smart Accessories: Keypad

Simply for everyone.

The Keypad is the perfect add-on to your Nuki Smart Lock. No need to take anything with you: simply enter your 6-digit access code to give you and your guests easy access to your home – no need for accessories!

79 €Buy now

Sicherheit und Komfort

Safety and comfort

6-digit access codes and encrypted communication guarantee the highest level of security – which means your home is safe from unwanted guests.

Immer zur Stelle

Always at your side

Forgot your smartphone? Battery dead? No problem! The Nuki Keypad is always there, where and when you need it – right on your doorstep.

nuki für Jeden

Simply for everyone

The Keypad is ideal for people who don’t have their own smartphone. It’s also a good backup for when your smartphone’s battery unexpectedly dies.

Smart Home Integrations

Looking to easily integrate your Nuki Smart Lock into your existing Smart Home? The Nuki Smart Lock is designed for standard compatibility with a wide range of Smart Home systems. With the right integration, the smart door lock can also communicate with your Z-Wave or Zigbee devices.

Please bear in mind that some integrations require your Smart Lock to be available online. So if you have not opted for the Pro version of the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, you will also need the Nuki Bridge in these cases.


Apple HomeKit

Thanks to the integration of the Apple HomeKit, you can also easily control your Nuki Smart Lock via your iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or Apple HomePod tuner.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

With the Nuki Skill for Amazon Alexa, you can easily control your Nuki Smart Lock with your Echo devices and all other Alexa-compatible devices.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

You can close the door using your Google Home speaker or the Google Home App on your smartphone.

Smart Hosting

Experience the new dimension of hosting with Nuki and Airbnb integration.

Nuki for Airbnb Hosts

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