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The perfect tool to manage your Nuki Smart Locks with your computer

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With Nuki Web you access to all functions, which you already know from the Nuki app.

  • All Smart Locks at a glance

    Nuki Web gives you a fast and comfortable overview of all Smart Locks of your properties.

  • Clear user management

    Due to the clear user management you can see with Nuki Web at any time who has access permissions to which properties and manage them from anywhere.

  • Detailled activity log

    In the activity log you can see immediatly who and when entered or left which property. This creates safety and gives you better control of your service providers.

Detailed Activity Protocol Clear user management All Smart Locks at a glance

Key management 2.0

Create digital access permissions for new employees in seconds and manage the existing permissions of your smart locks in a central platform.

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