Nuki use cases

Nuki is versatile and can be seamlessly integrated into your personal environment. Discover which Nuki products can make your everyday life easier and benefit from a smart, convenient lifestyle.

Nuki for your home

Do you live in a one-family house and are you tired of lugging around an annoying bunch of keys or making spare ones? Then why not make keys a thing of the past and bring your personal smart assistant into your home with Nuki?

Discover Nuki for your home

Nuki for your apartment

Do you live in an apartment and are you sick of manually unlocking the door to your building and the door to your apartment? Nuki users can now open their doors via app, smartwatch or automatically as they approach. Nuki is easy to install and can be removed without leaving a trace when you move out. Give your apartment an upgrade.

Discover Nuki for your apartment

Nuki for your office

Do you work in an office or co-working space and have to constantly organise keys? With Nuki, you can easily assign digital access permissions to all employees. As an entrepreneur, you can take part in the convenient Nuki Cashback program.

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Nuki for your holiday home

Do you rent out a holiday property, but aren’t always available to hand over the keys to your guests? Let Nuki handle it by equipping your holiday home with the smart door lock.

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Nuki for your apartment building

Do you own multiple apartments in a building or even an entire apartment complex? Then equip the entrance to your apartment building with the Nuki Box. Combine it with the Nuki Smart Lock for your apartment door to start living a keyless life. Garage doors and doors to communal areas can also be locked with the Nuki Box.

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