Tomorrow’s access system for today’s properties

The Nuki Box turns entry intercoms into smart door locks. This enables key management that is both efficient and very secure at the same time and raises your property’s value by demonstrating innovative thinking and offering your residents the maximum convenience.



Using the Nuki system you can administer access rights simply and efficiently and open the door to service providers remotely.



With buildings, innovation already starts at the front door. Make that clear to your residents too and harness maximum convenience and security to raise the value of your property.



Control your properties from your office and save yourself expensive key-handover trips by your service providers. At the same time, dispense with complicated processes associated with key handover.

Secure access the way you want it

Ensure reliable and verifiable access for your service providers. Thanks to Nuki you can define individually which personnel you wish to grant permanent, limited or no access. Through the records you have an overview of all entries everywhere and at all times.

Economical and more efficient

Avoid unnecessary key-handover trips by remotely opening the door for service providers, technicians and inspectors. You can already cover the costs of a Nuki Box from one saved trip per year. Additionally, you raise the value of your property for the long term.

An end to key chaos

Administering and securely storing keys can quickly involve a lot of work. With the Nuki system you need no longer concern yourself with storage, handover and logging of key activities. All the keys are secure in the safe and lost keys are a thing of the past.

Simple installation by Nuki service technicians

The Nuki Box is mounted hidden away behind the existing door bell panel. For installation just two existing cables have to be connected to the Nuki Box, normally taking just a few minutes. This installation is handled by a certified Nuki partner free of charge.

Key administration taken further

Using Nuki Web you can also access all the Nuki App functions conveniently from your computer.

  • All the smart locks at a glance

    The Nuki Web platform offers you a quick and convenient overview of the smart locks in your properties.

  • Detailed activity log

    You can immediately find out from the log who has entered or left which property when. That brings security and offers better monitoring of your service providers.

  • Straightforward user administration

    Thanks to the straightforward user control panel, with Nuki Web you can always see who has access rights to which properties and can administer these from anywhere.

Detailliertes Aktivitätenprotokoll Übersichtliche Benutzerverwaltung Alle Smart Locks auf einem Blick

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Frequently asked questions

  • With which intercom systems is Nuki Box compatible? Are there definitive prerequisites for installation?

    Nuki Box can actuate the door opener independently of the intercom system and is therefore compatible with any system, so long as the door can be switched via a floating contact. The only prerequisite for installation is a power supply with a direct or alternating voltage between 12-32V and mobile phone reception (regardless of network, the Box can connect to any, and 2G is sufficient).
  • How will service providers (post, etc.) get access to the buildings in future?

    Firstly they have to register with Nuki and are then authorised by Nuki. The relevant property management companies then authorise those service providers in this pool who should have access to their properties.
  • Can service providers be authorised individually for buildings?

    Authorisation always relates to a particular Nuki Box, so access rights can indeed be granted to service providers individually.
  • Can service providers also unlock the door remotely?

    No, service providers only get access locally via Bluetooth. Remote unlocking is solely the privilege of the property management and residents.