Nuki turns your
smartphone into a digital door-opener

Whether you’re a tenant, property manager or service partner, Nuki turns your smartphone into a key, simply offering everyone a smart access solution.


Nuki - Das elektronische Türschloss mit Bluetooth


Nuki equips buildings with a digital access control system. Time-consuming management of keys stops completely, because the door can be opened to service providers remotely. That saves property managers costs and offers convenience to residents.

Unser Smart Lock zum  Nachrüsten - Unser Nuki lässt sich einfach selbst aufstecken


Nuki is the key to the digital age. A Nuki Box can be retrofitted easily in the entrance area by property management, replacing annoying key-handovers. The Nuki Smart Lock for residents enables keyless access all the way to their living rooms.

Nuki ist das sicherste elektronische Türschloss im internationalen Vergleichstest


Access is only granted to people who have permission. Furthermore, every instance of opening can be checked on the corresponding log. That means more day-to-day convenience alongside guaranteed maximum security.

Kathrin Z.,
Mother of 3 children

“I use Nuki Smart Access for entry to the building and my own apartment door. The kids use a Nuki Fob instead of smartphones, and my parents have access permission too. What I find particularly brilliant is that, with the aid of the log, I can always check whether my kids have got home safely.”

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Hermann G.,
Property manager

“Our residential projects are marked out by quality and innovation. So Nuki Box is the ideal complement to what we offer. For us, this smart access control system replaces the old key handovers to service providers and technicians. Added value that really pays off.”

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Igor P.,
Delivery service

“Working with Nuki went really smoothly. The property management told me about the new system, then I registered on the website and, once my data had been checked, I got access to the residential block. It took no more than 10 minutes and I didn’t have to pay anything.”

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