Your smart door opener: Nuki Box The Nuki Box makes the existing electric door opener for entrances to buildings and communal spaces smart. Thanks to the GSM module in the Nuki Box, your smartphone turns into a digital key – one that’s smart and always accessible.

Nuki Box
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The Nuki Box turns your smartphone into a digital door opener
even in places where there is no Wi-Fi reception.

Unser Smart Lock zum  Nachrüsten - Unser Nuki lässt sich einfach selbst aufstecken

Smart everyday life

The GSM cellular connection turns the existing electric door opener into a digital access system. This also lets you use smart features remotely.

Reduce administrative outlay

Reduce administrative outlay

Manage access permissions easily and centrally with Nuki Web and give residents the option of setting their own permissions.

Nuki ist das sicherste elektronische Türschloss im internationalen Vergleichstest

Safe key handovers

Assign virtual keys to residents, employees or service providers via the Nuki App or Nuki Web and avoid time-consuming handovers.

Nuki Box

Smart access to your apartment building

The Nuki Box can be installed or retrofitted by the property owner. This makes keyless access to the building possible. The Nuki Box enhances the existing electric door opener with many digital features and makes doors truly smart:

  • Simplified key management
  • Manage access permissions centrally
  • Full flexibility through remote access permissions
  • Reliable access control

Every feature at a glance

Invisible door opener

The Nuki Box is connected to the existing electrical opening system and functions as a smart door opener – via Auto Unlock or through the Nuki app.

No Wi-Fi required

With the integrated eSIM card and Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the Nuki Box even works when there is no Wi-Fi connection available.

Countless possible applications

The Nuki Box can be used to unlock the entrance and garage doors of apartment buildings, premises of associations or communal spaces, but it can also be creatively integrated into smart homes.

Custom administrative levels

Sub-units can be assigned to an address. This gives residents, members, service providers, etc. the opportunity to manage the Nuki Box themselves.

Digital access for everyone

With this smart retrofit solution, all residents of a building can take full advantage of the digital access system with just one device.

Privacy comes first

The detailed log of access activity can only be viewed by the apartment owners and tenants. This ensures privacy is always maintained.

Maximum security

Communication between the end device and the Nuki Box occurs via an encrypted SSL connection in the cloud.

Never lose another key

No more lost keys or expensive cylinder changes: With Nuki, you can easily manage digital access permissions via Nuki Web.

Is the Nuki Box right for me?

Here are all the facts at a glance, so you can know for sure which Nuki solution will make your life easier.

Communication: Bluetooth Low Energy
GSM 2G (eSIM card)
Bluetooth 5
Installation requirements: Existing electric door opener
2G GSM reception
Power supply
Compatible intercom
Nuki Bridge
Power supply: DC or AC (8-36V) 4 AAA batteries or Micro-USB
Installation process: Retrofit solution
with sufficient electrical skills
Retrofit solution for DIY installation
Open remotely: Ja Ja
Auto Unlock Yes Yes only with the Nuki Bridge
Locking with the free Nuki app Yes Yes
Locking with the Nuki Fob Yes Yes
Locking with the Keypad No Yes
Nuki Web usage Yes Yes
Manage access permissions Several administrative levels that can manage access permissions individually – more information One administrative level
APIs / integrations More info Yes
Nuki Partner Network Yes No

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Nuki Box
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Nuki Box

Make more of your rooms

Whether it’s premises of associations, an apartment complex or an office building: With the Nuki Box, all members, guests or employees can gain smart access to your premises as they please.
When combined with the Nuki Smart Lock on the apartment door, your residents experience completely keyless access and benefit from a holistic access system.

Find out where else you can use the Nuki Box here.

Nuki Box

The holistic access solution:
Nuki Box

Buy the pre configured Nuki Box, incl.

  • integrated eSIM card
  • 5 years of data volume
  • 100 access permissions

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Frequently asked questions

  • How is the Nuki Box different from the Nuki Opener?

    Both Nuki products are primarily suitable for opening the main entrances to apartment buildings. The Nuki Opener is connected to the existing intercom in the relevant apartment. This means that only the residents of this unit can open the main entrance to the building. The Nuki Box, on the other hand, is connected directly to the opening system of the main entrance door. This means that all residential units in the building can be authorised to open the main entrance of the building.
  • Where can I use the Nuki Box?

    The Nuki Box is an electronically controlled potential-free relay that replaces a variety of switches and can be controlled remotely. It can be used to lock electronically controlled locking systems, such as entrance to apartment complexes, premises of associations, company buildings or garages. The Nuki Box can also be used on other opening systems, provided there is a sufficient 2G GSM signal and a power supply (8-36 V AC/DC).
  • Do I need a Bridge to be able to use the Nuki Box?

    No. The Nuki Box comes with a SIM chip (eSIM), which means it has continuous 2G GSM reception.
  • How do installation and start-up work?

    Installation and start-up both require prior electrical knowledge. On top of that, sufficient 2G GSM reception and a power supply must be ensured at the point of installation. Further information on installation can be found at: For start-up, please follow the steps at:
  • How is my data protected as a tenant or member of an association with the Nuki Box?

    With the Nuki Box, it is possible to create multiple authorisation levels. Administrators can create units (e.g. for tenants, members, service providers, etc.), who in turn can assign individual permissions themselves. This significantly reduces the administrative outlay for property owners. The Nuki Box administrator can also delete permissions at any time (for example, if a tenant moves out of the apartment). This will also delete the permissions granted by the tenant. In the activity log, the administrator can see all locking processes. They are, however, anonymised, so resident privacy is always maintained. For example, residents who are assigned to a unit can in turn assign individual permissions to family and friends. These can also be deleted or edited at any time. In the activity log, tenants can see their own locking processes and those of the people they have authorised.
  • Can I still lock the door with the key?

    Yes. If you’ve forgotten your smartphone or the battery is dead, you can open the entrance door with the Nuki Bluetooth Fob, for example. You can also log into your Nuki Web account using any internet-enabled device and use it to unlock and lock the door. In an emergency, you can also lock your door with your conventional key.
  • Which APIs and integrations can I use with the Nuki Box?

    The Nuki Box can be used with numerous APIs and can be integrated into a variety of smart home systems. You can currently use the following integrations and APIs with the Nuki Box:You can currently use the following integrations and APIs with the Nuki Box: APIs: Nuki Web API Since the Nuki Box is not compatible with the Nuki Bridge, integrations based on the Bridge API cannot be used.
    Integrations can be used but are restricted to the functional possibilities of the Nuki Box. The Nuki Box can open the door, but not lock it or retrieve the status. The following integrations can be used: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, short rental applications You can find more about this in our developer forum.
  • What happens to the data usage fees after 5 years?

    The Nuki Box costs a one-time fee of €349, which includes the costs for an internet connection via SIM card for 5 years. There are no additional costs for residents or tenants who simply install the Nuki app for use. There are also no costs for service providers – all that is required in this case is the installation of the Nuki Partner app.

    The connection costs are included for 5 years. After 5 years, the current standards and costs for internet connections will be assessed.