A small upgrade to your door lock

… making life so much easier. With Nuki and your smartphone, you can now easily retrofit your door lock for smart access.


Nuki unlocks your door automatically when you come home and locks it again when you leave. The key stays in the lock while your phone stays in your pocket.


Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of your existing door lock and ready to be used within 3 minutes without any further assistance. No screws, no drills.


Stay in control of your Nuki Smart Lock by checking the status on your smartphone anytime and by managing access permissions for your friends and loved-ones.

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1st major milestone achieved & further updates

During the last five weeks we’ve again been busy shipping Nuki Smart Locks and we have finally achieved a major milestone: every Kickstarter backer has received at least one Nuki Smart Lock by now! And we are overwhelmed by the great feedback we have received so far: A return rate of only 1%, indicating the […]

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06.07.2016 • Shipping

Shipping update

Here’s the first update since we have started shipping the Nuki Smart Lock. Just five weeks have passed and there’s already plenty of new information waiting for you. Read our summary of the first few hundred shipments and initial user feedback, get up to date about shipping forecasts for Smart Lock and Bridge as well […]

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Shipping started!

Hi everybody, two months have passed since our last blog update and there was a lot going on. With this post we are trying to wrap up everything for you and give you the latest update on the delivery of your Nuki Smart Lock:April 4th: In our last blog update from 4th April we have […]

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