Smart Home Integrationen mit Nuki

The Nuki Smart Lock is
the perfect addition for your smart home

No matter whether it’s smart assistants, intelligent doorbells, or smart home hubs: Nuki can be integrated into many commonly used systems. All installation instructions can be found here.

Nuki works with Google Home Nuki works with Apple Home Nuki works with Amazon Alexa Nuki works with Samsung Smartthings
Nuki works with Homey Nuki works with Doorbird Nuki works with Olisto Nuki works with airbnb

Is your home not yet a smart one?
Let yourself be inspired.

Alles im Blick - dank Protokoll
Everything at your fingertips thanks to the activity Log
Go on vacation knowing that everything is okay back home. Thanks to the Nuki app you always know whether your pet sitter was already there. And also whether your door is securely shut.
Für ein sicheres Gefühl
For your peace of mind
Is the door locked? Are the lights out? Is the alarm activated? With Nuki, your smart home automatically locks your door, activates your alarm system, and turns off the lights.
Hände voll? Öffne deine Tür per Sprachbefehl
Hands full? Open your door with your voice
Trying to get ready for a nice evening out when suddenly the doorbell rings? Just open it using a simply voice command. No need to stop getting ready.
Du weißt, wer an deiner Tür klingelt
Know who’s ringing your doorbell
Use your smart doorbell to check who’s at your door. Welcome your guests by simply opening the door with your Smart Lock. Even when you’re out.

Nuki works matter

Nuki also speaks Matter

Nuki Smart Home Illustration

Matter as
a uniform language

With Matter, the universal communication standard, you can connect your smart home devices regardless of the brand and model.

Nuki Smart Home Matter Apps
Coming soon: Amazon Alexa

Use the platform
of your choice

Whether you’re an Apple lover or an Android fan, nobody gets left out in your smart home. With Matter, you no longer have to choose. Each member of the family can manage the smart home using their preferred platform.

Matter via Thread
Nuki uses Matter via Thread. This new technology was developed specifically for smart home applications. Thread provides a robust and fast network with a large range.

Nuki Smart Home Illustration

Integrate Nuki into your Smart Home faster than ever before

With Matter, integration is as easy as scanning a QR code. All it takes is a few steps and you’re done. This marks the beginning of the new era of the smart home.

  • Can I continue to use my existing integrations?

    Of course you can continue to use your existing integrations that you have connected via Nuki Web or the Bridge API with all generations of our Smart Locks.
  • Which hubs are compatible with Nuki?

    In general, all hubs that support Matter via Thread are compatible. You will find a detailed list in our Help Center.
  • Can I use a hub that supports Matter via Wi-Fi?

    No. You must have a hub that supports Matter via Thread.
  • How does the integration with a smart home platform via Matter differ from the previous integration via Nuki Web?

    With the launch of Matter support, the same features remain available. Starting with a firmware update planned for the first half of 2024, Matter will make it possible to distinguish between the commands “Open door” and “Unlock”. In addition, integration via Matter uses Thread as a network protocol, while integration via Nuki Web uses Wi-Fi.