With the Nuki Box, you can turn your property’s doorbell system into a digital access system – it’s simple, efficient and inexpensive. Thanks to the GSM module in the Nuki Box, your smartphone becomes a digital key – one that’s smart and always accessible. This means you, service providers and your residents benefit from this smart access solution.


No need for multiple duplicate keys


Make existing properties smart with Nuki


Easily adjust and deactivate access permissions


Increased security thanks
to access controls

Smart access
to apartment buildings

The Nuki Box can be installed by the owner of the property, enabling keyless access to the building. The Nuki Box enhances the electric door opener with many digital features and makes doors truly smart:

  • Manage access permissions centrally
  • Reduce administrative outlay
  • Remote management

A small investment,
a huge increase in value

The Nuki Box is the smart digital door opener for the entrance to your property. No large investments or costly renovations are needed to bring existing properties up to modern standards of smart living.

You invest in a smart, digital access solution,
that offers benefits for everyone!

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Central administration

Manage all properties and access permissions centrally.

Lower costs

No more replacing lost keys or changing locks.

Organisational outlay

You save time and money by opening the door for service providers remotely, for example.

Key management

No need to hand out physical keys and go through the hassle of getting them back.

Access permissions

Assign individual access permissions to employees, residents and service providers quickly and easily.


Easily keep track of who has access to your building and replace your precarious central key. This also makes it more difficult for unauthorised people to gain access.


The Nuki Box can be easily retrofitted. It turns your property into a smart and safe housing complex quickly, cheaply and without extensive renovation work.

Skilled workers can install the Nuki Box in under 20 minutes. Key installation requirements on site include 2G GSM reception and a power supply (8-36V AC/DC). Our Nuki Web app also provides a step-by-step guide for the installation and start-up process.

Technical data

What’s included in the package?

  • Pre-configured hardware
  • eSIM
  • 10 years of data transfer
  • Unlimited number of access permissions
  • Access to the partner network*
  • High-level support
  • Installation support

Price upon request
Did you know the Nuki Box solution can be implemented as a modernisation measure?

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  • How is the Nuki Box installed?

    The Nuki Box is installed discreetly behind the existing panel of the intercom system. Only two existing cables need to be connected to the Nuki Box during installation. Skilled workers usually only need a few minutes for this. Immediately afterwards, you’ll have an overview of the system via the software.
  • Who bears the cost of the purchase?

    The cost for a Nuki Box can be borne by the property manager, or subsequently passed on to the owner via the operating costs, or borne directly by the owners. Generally speaking, installing the Nuki Box is considered a modernisation measure. The costs incurred by modernisation can be allocated to the operating costs.
  • Do the residents have to be asked when this kind of system is installed?

    The decision to install a Nuki Box can be made either by the property manager (in the course of modernisation measures) or by the owner representatives during the owners’ meeting.
  • What happens if a tenant with an access permission moves out?

    Both tenants and property managers are required to inform Nuki when someone moves out. Nuki then simply revokes the relevant permission online. This completely eliminates the tedious process of managing physical keys.
  • How can I grant access to service providers? Does this also work at short notice?

    Service providers must first register with Nuki. After verification, their access permission will then be activated by Nuki. As a property manager, you can then activate individuals from the pool of existing service providers who are to be granted access to the relevant property.