What if the key
to worry-free property management
is no key at all?

Turn your property’s door intercom into a digital access control system: simple, efficient and low-cost.

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Simply retro-fit
and reduce administrative effort.

Retro-fitted unseen behind the intercom panel, with minimal effort you get rid of two worries. Nuki Box substantially reduces your administrative effort whilst, at the same time, raising security at your property through regulated access control. The solution is integrated into the existing door-opening system in a way that’s both simple and smart. The system continues to work with a key as before, but it gains many digital features.

Small investment
big added value.

Nuki Box is the smart digital door opener for the main entrance to your property. No big investment or complicated installation work stands in the way of upgrading existing properties to a modern standard of smart living. Your property is already equipped with an intercom? Then use the existing system and simply augment it, simply and at low cost, in order to upgrade your entire residential property.

You’re investing in a smart, digital access solution,
that delivers advantages to everyone.

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Centralised management

All properties and access rights at a glance, managed in one place.

Cost savings

No copying lost keys of changing locks. Integration in existing software: you have sight of Nuki Box within your familiar management software.

Organisational effort

You save time and costs by remotely opening the door for service providers.

Key management

Handing over physical keys and the bother of getting them back are no longer necessary.

Complete flexibility

You don’t have to be there to ensure someone can get in.


At any time you can check who had digital access to the property when and replace that insecure master key. Make unauthorised access harder.

Everything in view all the time – with Nuki Web on your computer.

No matter how many properties you manage: intuitive, user-friendly
Nuki Web looks after your central overview.

Retro-fitting is easy; usage easier still!
Can’t believe it?

Nuki Box is the simplest retro-fit solution on the market and turns your property into a modern, convenient and secure residential facility rapidly, at low cost and without complicated conversion work.

A certified Nuki partner takes care of installing the Nuki Box on site, installing the system out of sight behind the intercom panel. A short time later you can monitor your Nuki Box via the software and can get going, keyless.

Technical data

Smart system at a smart price

What do you need to integrate this keyless solution?
A single Nuki Box investment per entry door:

€ 499,-
Minimum order 5 items.

What comes with the package?

As property manager you have up to 5 access permissions per Nuki Box at your disposal and manage all access digitally via your Nuki Web connection.
With the installation the residents get the possibility to use the advantages of the Nuki Box free of charge and without obligation until revocation. No additional costs arise for property managers.
Thanks to Nuki Box’s integrated SIM card, it’s always possible to open the main entrance door remotely, and you save yourself the bother of key delivery runs.

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  • What’s involved in Nuki Box installation?

    Nuki Box is mounted out of sight behind the existing door bell panel. To install it, just two existing cables need to be connected to Nuki Box. Usually this only takes a few minutes. Installation is carried out by a trained, certified technician and is free of charge for you once the whole project involves installing more than five Nuki Boxes.
  • Who bears the cost of purchasing?

    The purchase cost of a Nuki Box can be paid by the property management and subsequently charged to the owners via the operating cost accounts, or paid directly by the owners. The installation of a Nuki Box basically counts as a modernisation measure. Costs arising in the course of modernisation can be charged to operating costs.
  • Do the residents have to be consulted if such a system is installed??

    The decision regarding installation of a Nuki Box can be made either by the property management (in the course of modernisation measures) or by representatives of the owners in the course of a property owners’ meeting.
  • What if a tenant moves out as they are entitled to do?

    Both the tenant and the property management are obligated to notify any such move to Nuki. The corresponding access permission will then simply be removed by Nuki online. This completely removes the need for tedious handling of physical keys.
  • How can I assure service providers of access? Does it work at short notice too?

    Service providers must first register with Nuki. Following verification, they are then approved by Nuki. Then you, as the property management, can grant access to the relevant building to those from the pool of existing providers who should have it.

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