How about being
able to organise
your day without keys?

Nuki makes it possible. With the Nuki app, your key’s in your smartphone.

Keyless access from street
to living room.

Nuki Smart Access turns your residential building into a smart home. Your smartphone replaces the key to the main entrance and your apartment door. As soon as you get home, the door opens automatically, so no more fumbling for keys at last.

Check out right now whether a Nuki Box has already been installed in your building.

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Open the door to service providers or craftspeople remotely, even when you’re not at home.



With the Nuki system, you’ll never need a key again as you get to the entrance. Your door opens automatically when you get to it.



What’s more, the system ensures that only people with the correct access rights can open the main entrance door.

Your daily routine with Nuki Smart Access could look like this?

You get home with heaps of shopping, approach the entrance door to your building, and it opens for you as if by magic.

So no need to put the shopping down and search for keys – your door opens without a key.

Your guests are already there – you already opened the door for them remotely, so that they could wait for you inside.

Your apartment looks really spick and span for your dinner party with friends – your cleaner came specially, and digital access permission via smartphone meant there was no need to hand over a key.

Rounding things off, your dog was well looked after – your neighbour fed him and took him for a walk as agreed, freeing you up for the evening.

Nuki Smart Access– a clever combination.

With Nuki Box at the main entrance and Nuki Smart Lock in your apartment,
your daily routine is completely free of keys and you have smart access from the street to your living room.

Nuki Box

If your building is equipped with Nuki Box, you can change over anytime to convenient, keyless operation of the entrance door lock using your smartphone.

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Nuki Smart Lock

With Nuki Smart Lock, fitted in just a few minutes, you can control your existing apartment door with ease and convenience using your smartphone.

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All you need for this is a Nuki Box Package and a Nuki Combo or your apartment door – installed and ready to go in just a few minutes. From now on you control both doors simply and conveniently with the app..

The Nuki app turns your smartphone into a key
and you can always keep an eye on your doors.

With the Nuki app you place your key on your smartphone. The free app gives you and your family simple, reliable access to your home.

Nuki App iPhone X
  • Using your smartphone you gain keyless entry from street to living room.
  • The door opens automatically as you get close.
  • You give access permissions to family, friends and service providers.
  • You can check the log anytime to see who had digital access when to your home.

Just how smartly would you like to live?

Whether you want to use Nuki Box just for yourself or for family members and service providers too, as soon as your building is fitted with Nuki Box, you can switch to keyless convenience whenever you wish. Select the package that suits you from the various options.

Nuki Box
for you

  • Perfect for single occupants who want to make use of secure, keyless access.
  • All the advantages of Nuki Box for 2 users
€ 39 for 2 years


Nuki Box

  • Ideal for families, shared homes and anyone who wants to manage access for service providers.
  • All the benefits of Nuki Box for 10 users
€ 79 for 2 years

For a short time only:
Get yourself a Nuki Combo package now and save 100 € .

Order your own personal Nuki Box package now and get the Nuki Combo
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Nuki Smart Access

You decide how smart you’d like to make your home.


  • How do I use the Nuki system?

    Shortly after the Nuki Box has been installed, you receive an invitation code by post from Nuki. Using this code you can add your main entrance door to your Nuki app and use the system right away. The Nuki app is available for both iOS, and Android Should you need a new code, you can simply order one here, and it will be delivered by post in a few days.
  • Where and how can I order Nuki Box?

    A Nuki Box can only be ordered and installed by housing sector companies. Tenants have no influence over investment decisions made by property management on behalf of property owners. Here you can check whether a Nuki Box has already been installed in your building and, if necessary, nominate your property management. We then contact them with no obligation implied.
  • Does every resident have to switch to the Nuki system?

    As with all Nuki solutions, you can continue to use the conventional key. So the Nuki system is just an additional, convenient way of opening the door.
  • Which of a resident’s data can be viewed by the property management?

    No personal details are visible to the property management. The log only shows that the door was unlocked, not by whom.
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