How about being able to organise
your day without keys?

Nuki makes it possible. With the Nuki app, your key’s in your smartphone.

Keyless living

With the combination of the already built-in Nuki Box and the free Nuki App you can open the main entrance door of your apartment building comfortably with your smartphone.

Nuki - Das elektronische Türschloss mit Bluetooth


With the Nuki App or the Nuki Web you assign permanent, temporary or recurring access rights to family members, friends or third parties.

Unser Smart Lock zum  Nachrüsten - Unser Nuki lässt sich einfach selbst aufstecken


With the Nuki system, you’ll never need a key again as you get to the entrance. Your door opens automatically when you get to it.

Nuki ist das sicherste elektronische Türschloss im internationalen Vergleichstest


What’s more, the system ensures that only people with the correct access rights can open the main entrance door.

Test free of charge and without obligation

You now have the opportunity to test the advantages of keyless entry free of charge, without obligation and for an unlimited period of time*! With the Nuki App and the invitation code on our letter you can get the digital key directly on your smartphone. The free app allows you and the people you authorize to enter your apartment building easily and reliably.

Everything is already prepared for you! It’s as simple as that:


Download the free
Nuki Smart Lock app


Enter the invitation
code from the letter


Try it out immediately
& opten the door with your smartphone

*Using the Nuki Box package remains free of charge for the user until revoked. Nuki guarantees that the free package will never unknowingly be converted into a paid package. If the user has a Smart Lock, the Nuki Box package will remain free of charge until further notice.

Without a key from the street to the apartment?

Take advantage of the Nuki Box and get a € 30,- voucher* for the purchase of your Nuki Smart Lock after redeeming your invitation code.

Nuki AV-Test

*The € 30,- voucher will be sent to you by email 3 days after you have redeemed the invitation code and can be redeemed in our online shop from a minimum order value of € 199,- up to and including 30.09.2020. Combination with other vouchers not possible.



Check for installation now

You have not received your Nuki Box invitation code,
have moved in or have deleted your account from your Nuki Web Account?

No worries. Fill out the contact form and we will send you a new invitation code by mail shortly.


  • How do I use the Nuki system?

    Shortly after the Nuki Box has been installed, you receive an invitation code by post from Nuki. Using this code you can add your main entrance door to your Nuki app and use the system right away. The Nuki app is available for both iOS, and Android. Should you need a new code, you can simply order one here, and it will be delivered by post in a few days.

    1. 1. Open the App Store and install the Nuki Smart Lock app on your smartphone.
    2. 2. Open the app and select “Enter invitation code” in the menu
    3. 3. Enter now the invitation code which is written on your letter.
    4. 4. Now all addresses and staircases are displayed which you can open with the Nuki App.
    5. 5. Then enter your data and confirm the terms and conditions.
    6. 6. Please enter now your password and repeat it.
    7. 7. Please remember your access data (email address and password) – with these you can also manage your access permissions on the Nuki web.
    8. 8.Now you can see all addresses and staircases for which you are authorized.
      Enjoy your keyless everyday life!
    9. According to the availability check a Nuki box is already installed in your house but you haven’t received an invitation code yet? Then please fill out the contact form on this page and we will send you an invitation code shortly.

      You have already used the invitation code to use the Nuki Box but uninstalled the Nuki App or deleted the access from the Nuki App?

      1. 1. Go to the Nuki Web-Page and log in with your email address (if you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot your password?” button)
      2. 2. Click on “Assign new permission”.
      3. 3. Select your email address
      4. 4. Click on the corresponding device
      5. 5. Activate “May access remotely” and switch on “Auto-unlock
      6. 6. Click on Save
      7. 7. Open your e-mail account. Here you should have received an email “I would like to invite you to Nuki Smart Lock” from us.

      8. You have already used the invitation code to use the Nuki Box but uninstalled the Nuki App and removed the Nuki Box in Nuki Web?

        Then please fill out the contact form on the site and we will send you an invitation code shortly.

  • Is the use of the Nuki Box really free of charge?

    Yes, the use of the Nuki Box and thus the opening of the main entrance door via smartphone is free of charge for the resident until further notice. However, Nuki reserves the right to change this offer. However, Nuki guarantees that the free offer will never unknowingly be converted into a paid package. If the user has a Smart Lock, the Nuki box package remains free of charge until further notice.
    Click on “Find out now”, how Nuki makes it possible!
  • Where can I order the Nuki Box?

    A Nuki Box can only be ordered and installed by housing sector companies. Tenants have no influence over investment decisions made by property management on behalf of property owners. Here you can check whether a Nuki Box has already been installed in your building and, if necessary, nominate your property management. We then contact them with no obligation implied.
  • Does every resident have to switch to the Nuki system?

    As with all Nuki solutions, you can continue to use the conventional key. So the Nuki system is just an additional, convenient way of opening the door.
  • Which of a resident’s data can be viewed by the property management?

    No personal details are visible to the property management. The log only shows that the door was unlocked, not by whom.
Questions about Nuki?