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The Nuki Activity Log


What’s the Activity log?
By enabling Nuki’s activity log, the app gives you a complete list everybody who locked or unlocked your door, and when. As an example you can ensure that your children came home safe and sound after school.

How do you activate the Activity log?
The Activity log is enabled by default. If you want to deactivate or activate it again later on you have to go to the Smart Lock settings and open the administration area. Within the menu option “Activity log” it is possible to turn it on or off very easily by toggling. If you have your Activity log deactivated, your Smart Lock does not track any kind of user activities, meaning that a belated activation does not show any previous lock actions.

Does every user have access to the Activity log?
No. In order to have an insight into the Activity log the users requires the administration PIN of the Smart Lock. Only you and people with this PIN will be able to check the Activity log.

Activity log listings

Activity log of your Smart Home Systems Nuki Smart Lock - DE Activity log activated
At this time the Activity log has been activated.
At this time your door has been unlocked.
Unlocked & Door opened
At this point your door has been unlocked and in addition the latch has been pulled.
Auto Unlock
A user opened the door automatically via Auto Unlock.
Auto Unlock & Door opened & Lock ‘n’ Go
The door has been opened automatically and in addition the latch has been pulled. Afterwards the door has been locked automatically again.
Auto Unlock & Lock ‘n’ Go
The door has been opened via Auto Unlock and automatically locked again afterwards.
Lock ’n’ Go
The Lock ‘n’ Go function has been executed.
Your Smart Lock has been automatically opened or rather locked via the schedule-function.
Auto Lock
Your door has been locked automatically via Auto Lock.

Position detection
The Smart Lock has performed a positioning detection.
The Smart Lock did a calibration.

In the future lock actions of the Keypad and wrong entry codes, will also be shown in the Activity log.

Please note: You can receive further details about the locking actions using the additional information within the brackets. You will be able to check, if a Smart Home System performed a lock action or if a user has opened the door with his individual Keypad entry code.