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Make your Smart Lock faster and even better


Easter time begins in just a few days. While some may already be wondering where they are going to hide their Easter eggs, we have started looking for the most common user requests and implemented them.

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With the new Smart Lock Firmware Update 1.6.2, we have once again focused on optimization. This can improve the battery life, locking process, and volume of your Smart Lock.

Get the most out of your electronic door lock with the new Smart Lock Optimization Guide
Do you want to make the best use of your Smart Lock and adapt it as closely as possible to your individual circumstances? With the Smart Lock Optimization Guide, we will show you ways to make your electronic door lock more effective and economical in the future. To start the guide, open the main menu in the Nuki app and select “Optimize Smart Lock”.

Optimize the locking rotation of your Smart Lock and lock even faster During calibration, your Smart Lock will know your lock the first time you set it up and save the minimum and maximum lock positions. These two stops define the locking rotation. Between these locking points, it then comes to the actual locking mechanisms. You can recognize these by the “click” as the key is turned. At this moment, the locking bolt jumps one position further. Even if your Smart Lock knows the minimum and maximum lock points, it can not deduce at which positions the ‘jumps’ of the locking bolt will pass. So it is possible that the Smart Lock may make unnecessary locking rotations when locking and unlocking.

With the current firmware update, you can manually adjust the locking rotation path of your electronic door lock and thus reduce the duration of the locking process. You can find these tweaks using the following path: Smart Lock > Settings > Administration > Optimize Locking Rotation.

The Auto Lock feature locks your door after an adjustable period of time.
Do you want your Smart Lock to automatically lock the door after a defined period of time? You can now easily configure this with the new Auto Lock feature.
The Auto Lock can be activated in the Smart Lock settings under “Administration”. You can choose from different times between 30 seconds and 30 minutes.

In addition to these enhancements, minor bugs have been fixed in the background and the stability of the Nuki app has been further improved. To add to this, the battery life of the Smart Lock has been extended by up to a month thanks to improved energy management.

To use the new features of your Nuki Smart Lock, you need Nuki App Version 1.12.0.

We wish you a happy Easter and a happy egg hunt!
Your Nuki team

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