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Transform your intercom into a Smart Lock with the Nuki Box


At Nuki it is our mission to make existing access controls smarter and physical keys irrelevant, thanks to your phone. With the Nuki Smart Lock, we have already reached a big milestone in this mission. Of course, we know that many of you live in apartment buildings and it is the next logical step to transform your entrance door into a smart door as well. We have dedicated a lot of effort to this project in the last few months. The result of this development has now been presented at the IFA: the Nuki Box.

Installed invisibly behind the panel of the intercom system, the Nuki Box also allows efficient remote administration of electronically controlled entrance doors. Comfort and security for house residents and sustainable process improvements for property management are in the focus of this solution.

Just like the Nuki Smart Lock, the Nuki Box is designed as a retrofit solution and can be easily integrated into the existing intercom system. It is mounted invisibly behind the existing intercom panel where it triggers the door opener. No complicated reconstruction work is required during the installation.

Thus, you will benefit from a nearly key-free life, as well as all other advantages you already know from your Smart Lock, such as the Auto Unlock or the possibility to open your door for craftsmen or service providers from a distance. Even the control with Amazon Alexa will be possible if you are at home but not able to open your door by yourself.

Further information about the benefits are available in on the product page of the Nuki Box.

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