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How to: Connect Nuki with IFTTT

Smart Home 07.01.2020 | Marcus Schwarten

Do you want to connect Nuki with a wide range of manufacturers and services? With IFTTT, you can do exactly that. But what exactly does this online service have to offer? And how do you connect your Nuki Smart Lock with IFTTT? We’ll explain everything in this part of our “How to” series.

The benefits of IFTTT

The IFTTT automation platform connects over 500 services and manufacturers. The abbreviation stands for “If This, Then That”, referring to the “If-Then” instructions often found in program code.
It allows you to connect supported services either via the website or via the free app available for iOS and Android. After completing the quick registration process, you can start setting up your “If This, Then That” connections.

How to integrate your Nuki Smart Lock with IFTTT

The easiest way to set this up is using the IFTTT app. That’s why we’ll explain how to complete this particular setup in the following:

  • Download and open the free IFTTT app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Click on “Get more” to start the search function. Enter “Nuki” in the search bar.
  • Under “Applets”, you will see a list of examples of how you can use IFTTT in conjunction with Nuki. Under “Services”, you will see the entry for Nuki. Click on it.
  • Select the task you would like to activate, e.g. “Make sure your door is locked every day at a specific time” to automatically lock your door at the same time every day.
  • Now you need to connect IFTTT with Nuki. To do so, click on “Connect” and log into your Nuki Web Account by entering your details in the pop-up window. Then just click on “Allow”, and Nuki will establish a connection with IFTTT in a flash.
  • Now you can adjust the selected automation process as desired and, if needed, select the time and relevant Nuki Smart Lock, as would be the case in the given example.

Please note: In order to link Nuki with IFTTT, you will need to activate Nuki Web in the Nuki app and create an account. This is easy to do: Simply go to “Administration” and then “Activate Nuki Web” in the entry for your Smart Lock in the Nuki app.

How to control Nuki with IFTTT

Of course, you don’t need to rely on pre-configured automated IFTTT processes – you can also create your own for free. You can set these up under “Create your own”. Just click on “This” to set the trigger and “That” to create the response to follow.
For example, you can choose a specific action – such as switching on the lights in the entrance area – to serve as a trigger to unlock your Nuki Smart Lock. Or you can set it so your smart door lock will lock the door under certain conditions, for example at a certain time of day or when a switch is operated.

Networking options when using Nuki with IFTTT

The possibilities IFTTT offers are incredibly wide-ranging. The automation platform lists over 500 manufacturers and services. These include major manufacturers such as Philips Hue, Samsung, and Somfy, as well as many online services such as Instagram, Amazon Alexa, and many more.
Of course, not all of these will be useful in connection with Nuki. However, they make a wide range of actions possible and offer many networking options. But be sure to keep one thing in mind: The instructions you set up are stored in the cloud. Therefore, if you should have any issues with your internet connection, they generally won’t work anymore.

Do you need the Nuki Bridge to use IFTTT?

A very common question we often hear concerns the Nuki Bridge and how it works with different Smart Home services. The Nuki Bridge is essential for using IFTTT. This is because the connection between IFTTT and Nuki is established through a Nuki Web account. A Nuki Bridge within range of your Nuki Smart Lock is a prerequisite for this.

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