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Smart Home Trends 2020: Highlights and visions of CES in Las Vegas

Smart Home 29.01.2020 | Sebastian Scholz

Longtime Nuki fans know that IFA in Berlin is always a big highlight for us every year. With 250,000 visitors and about 2,000 exhibitors, the international consumer electronics exhibition is one of the most important electronics fairs in the world. But besides IFA, there are a few other fairs that are relevant for the global Smart Home market. First and foremost is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Every year the crème de la crème of the electronics industry meets in Las Vegas to discover and discuss new trends and visions. Anyone who thinks that the CES is only relevant for the American market due to its distance is mistaken. Many European companies meet there with customers, investors and partners from all over the world.

Since the topic Smart Home is also heatedly discussed at CES, we, as the European market leader in the segment of smart access systems, cannot be missing. During these discussions, the following main topics emerged relatively quickly, which we would like to share with you:

The central topics: Security and privacy

Perhaps the most frequently discussed topic at the CES was everything to do with security and privacy. In particular, the different approaches in Europe and the United States became apparent. Whereas in the USA cloud-based services are generally used, which require an account and an Internet connection, European manufacturers tend to rely on local solutions, so that questions about securing server structures and processing personal data do not even arise. This is because information that is not collected cannot be lost or misused. For example, no account and no connection to a cloud are necessary to use the Nuki Smart Lock. All permissions are stored exclusively on the respective Smart Lock and are retrieved from the Nuki App or Nuki Web as needed. This is also confirmed by independent testing institutes such as AV-Test, who always certify Nuki’s excellent handling. For this reason, Nuki is presented in many reports as a showcase for security and data protection, especially thanks to our special encryption concept.

The Smart Home market is growing

The Smart home segment is considered to be one of the fastest-growing in the consumer electronics sector. Therefore this year again, a large number of new products were presented. Even though many are launched for the US market first, we can look forward to new doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras and various sensors for your smart home. The established brands are mainly expanding their portfolio with new products. Within the Smart Home sector, we have seen that the Smart Locks category is becoming more mature. Out of more than 1000 popular brands, which work with the Google Assistant, only about 30 strategic partners were presented at the Google booth. We are, of course, very proud that Google chose Nuki as the only European Smart Lock partner to be displayed.

The only full access solution on the market: Nuki

With the Nuki Opener, we presented our own solution for the main entrance door at IFA last year. Although the number of Smart Locks is growing, Nuki still remains the only solution that can cover both the main door and the apartment door, providing smart access from the street to the apartment of multiparty buildings. No other Smart Home brand offers this full access solution. As a result, Nuki is considered to be the European category leader in the market.

All in all it can be said that the Smart Home sky will remain exciting in the coming years and we can look forward to many new products.

Sebastian Scholz
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