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Nuki Cashback Program


The key management in companies is often a difficult matter. On the one hand, you would like to allow your employees an easy access to the office but on the other hand, it is often problematic to give a large number of keys to your employees and service providers.

Nuki Cashback Program

It also happens that a key gets lost and you have to exchange the lock and all keys so that office remains safe.

With the Nuki Smart Lock you get rid of these problems. By granting digital access permission, you can precisely determine who has access to your office and you are able to withdraw the authorizations at any time. You can manage the Nuki Smart Lock via the Nuki app or the Nuki Web interface.

And as a company, you can now benefit even more:
After the purchase of the Nuki Combo, every access permission is worth money. Depending on the number of activated access permissions you can get up to 225 EUR back. The more permissions are granted, the higher the cashback will be:

  • € 225 from 50 access permissions (max. 200)
  • € 150 from 25 access permissions
  • € 100 from 5 access permissions

Further information: Nuki for Companies