Cashback campaign
for companies

Secure and keyless access to your office space thanks to the
Nuki Smart Locks. Manage access authorizations for your employees, cleaning staff etc. easily via the free Nuki App or the Nuki Web interface.

Companies benefit from a simple keymanagement with the Nuki Smart Lock


Simple adjustment and deactivation of access authorizations

No more lost keys because of digital keys with Nuki


No more lost keys and key duplications

Nuki Smart Lock is secure


Secure end-to-end encryption concept

Have more control over your door


Logging of all locking operations


The Nuki Smart Lock is an electronic, retrofit door lock that can be installed on the inside of the door within a few minutes – without screws or drilling.

In combination with the Nuki app, it makes your everyday life keyless, by turning the smartphone into a smart key. Access permissions are easily managed and sent to employees via the Nuki app or Nuki Web.

Elektronisches Türschloss von Nuki ist sicheres smart Home Produkt und Red Dot Award Gewinner


Create digital keys for your employees in a few seconds and manage the existing access permissions of your Smart Locks in a central Web platform.

Keep an eye on the status of your door via the free Nuki App and if necessary, lock or unlock it remotely. By setting up automatic locking times, Nuki will lock your door at a defined time.


Benefit as a company from the Nuki Cashback campaign! The allocation of access permissions via the Nuki Web is worth money! Depending on the number of activated authorizations of a newly purchased Nuki Smart Lock* you will receive back up to € 225. The more authorizations you assign, the higher the refund will be.

Get back your money by following these
3 simple steps:

Cashback campaign - use Nuki for your company and get your money back

Buy Nuki Smart Lock with your VAT number.

Buy Nuki Smart Lock

Activate Nuki Web and enter the access permissions for your employees.

Set up Nuki Web

After successful verification of the authorizations and the application, you will get back the amount by bank transfer.

Apply for Cashback

*The order must include a Nuki Smart Lock and exceed the minimum order value of €240 (incl. VAT).

Let your employees benefit from the Nuki Cashback Programme as well!

From now on also your employees will benefit from the Nuki Cashback Referral Programme.

Use Nuki as your smart access system to your company building and get cash back. In addition, we thank you with a
€ 30 voucher code for your employees. We will send you this individual voucher after 30 days via email.

Contact form

You have set up your Nuki Nuki Smart Lock*, activated your Nuki Web account and assigned permissions to your employees? Perfect! Then fill out the contact form, and after a successful verification, you will receive the corresponding amount back via bank transfer.

Access permissions Cashback amount
from 50 € 225
from 25 € 150
from 5 € 100

Buy Nuki Smart Lock now and get back up to € 225!


  • Which products are included in the promotion?

    The promotion applies to all Nuki products. The order must include a Nuki Smart Lock and exceed the minimum order value of €240 (incl. VAT).
  • How can I activate the Nuki Web?

    To activate the Nuki Web, you need the Nuki Bridge. Please make sure that the connection between Smart Lock and Bridge (tips to improve the connection quality). Select the desired Smart Lock in the Nuki App and open the door lock settings. Select in the administration area the item “Activate Nuki Web”. Follow the instructions in the Nuki App. For security reasons, you have to activate each Smart Lock separately to be able to manage it via Nuki Web.
  • How can I redeem the promotion?

    Once you have purchased, installed and configured the Nuki Smart Lock and you connected it to your Nuki Web account, you can assign permissions to your employees and others via the Nuki App or the Nuki Web. From 5 authorizations on you will get € 100 back; the maximum amount is € 225 and will be paid out when 50 authorizations or more are granted. As soon as the authorized persons have installed the Nuki App and used it to open or lock the Smart Lock, the invitation is considered as qualified and counts for the Cashback bonus. Afterwards please contact us via the contact form above. Our team will check your request as soon as possible. If everything is in order, we will return the corresponding amount by bank transfer. More information on the conditions of participation can be found here.
  • How does the Nuki Cashback referral programme work?

    We are pleased that you are using Nuki for your business. Let your employees also benefit from our smart access system. Your employees are now also familiar with the smart access system. Let them benefit from the advantages of a digital door lock for their homes as well. Therefore we have prepared a special Nuki discount voucher for your employees and friends. 30 days after you have sent your Cashback application, we will send you an individual € 30 voucher via email. Simply forward this email to your employees and friends. With this voucher your employees and friends can buy the Nuki Smart Lock and other Nuki products in our online shop at a reduced price.