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Production Improvements Completed & Shipping Update


Since our last update two weeks ago we have been focusing on both optimizing the production processes of our Nuki Smart Locks and all tasks essential for shipping the Nuki Bridge. We are more than happy to announce that on both sides everything looks good so far.

Improved Production of the Nuki Smart Lock

As Nuki is attracting more and more supporters each day, it was inevitable to speed up the existing processes on the production side. In the near future we will be able to deliver more Nuki Smart Locks at a faster pace and this allows us to deliver Smart Locks a lot sooner after an order has been placed. For current pre-orders we experience a minimal delay of two to three days, which still does not jeopardise our plan to start shipping the new Smart Locks by the end of next week (CW36). Some of you who see a planned shipping in CW36 might receive his/her Smart Lock in CW37, but we do not expect any further delay at this moment. We hope you share our excitement as our number one priority is to dispatch your pre-orders as soon as possible, and these process improvements are a major step towards achieving our goal in the upcoming weeks.

Shipment Start of the Nuki Bridge Next Week

Nuki Bridges
Nuki Bridges

There’s similar good news for the Nuki Bridge. All hands were busy and we have made great progress in the last two weeks. We are very confident that we stick to the announced timelines and start shipping the Nuki Bridges next week (CW36). Above all, our Kickstarter backers will be the ones who receive the first Nuki Bridge packages. All other pre-orders will also be completed at high pace, and we expect to have all pre-orders shipped by the end of September.

Once again we want to thank you for each and every feedback that we receive in this exciting time. Our support team has their hands full as we receive hundreds of emails every week, but each one helps us to grow and get better and better every day. This is the drive we need to conquer the door lock market and make many more doors smart.