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Digitisation in the real Estate Industry: Making entry smart

Get Inspired 14.01.2020 | Julia Buchta

Real estate showing on the other side of town: Traffic is already backing up, you still need to quickly pick up the keys to the property from your colleague. The potential tenants are unfortunately delayed, and the next appointment is already waiting… A real estate agent will be no stranger to these types of occurrences in their day-to-day dealings.

Time is money

As a real estate agent, you will be constantly grappling with challenges such as these. The real estate industry is an ever-growing market, with potential customers having less and less time and potential sellers wanting to see success more and more quickly. Real estate agents must mediate between sellers/landlords and those looking for a property. However, finding a quick and positive solution for both parties is not the only challenge the agent faces. There are also the issues of time management and, above all, key management, to contend with.

A digital door lock makes so many things so much easier

The electronic door lock from Nuki can help with both time and key management. It can be mounted onto the existing cylinder on the inside of the door in no time at all. Access permissions can be quickly and easily granted to your entire estate agent team. They can also be quickly adjusted, and new permissions can be granted or withdrawn again in no time at all. The result of all of this is that lost keys and time-consuming key handovers within your team will be a thing of the past. With the Nuki app, you will always be able to see whether the door is actually locked, as well as who had access to the property and what time they accessed it.

RE/MAX Europe places its trust in Nuki Smart Locks

In what is becoming an increasingly hectic profession, how can a real estate agent still manage to conserve resources? Sound expert knowledge of both the market and potential customers is what is needed for everything to run smoothly. However, key handovers and the time management that goes into them are still big “time wasters”. This is something that RE/MAX Europe has recognised, which led them to invite Nuki to present the Nuki Smart Lock to their network at the 11th European Convention in Palma de Mallorca. With this electronic door lock, authorised real estate agents can access a property quickly, easily, and without having to hand over any keys. Thanks to Nuki, your smartphone functions as your digital key. After successfully finding a buyer or tenant for the property, the smart door lock can either be removed without a trace and mounted on the door of the next property, or it can be given to the buyer/tenant as a gift.

Kasaz & the keyless apartment

The Spanish real estate platform Kasaz has also discovered the advantages of the Nuki Smart Lock. “Buying and selling a property in Spain is a daunting task. The quality of the portals, ads, photos and the details are often very poor. Our real estate portal reduces the time to buy by connecting buyers and sellers in a platform where trust and innovation are key”, said Sebastien Marion, CEO of Kasaz. Kasaz verifies each property, provides an accurate description and makes it easy to plan visits. There is no need for local brokers, as Kasaz has integrated the functions of the Nuki Smart Lock into their system. Therefore, interested parties can view the property at the desired time, without needing to book an appointment and even without an agent or owner of the apartment. They simply receive an activation code for the Nuki Smart Lock for the booked period and can open the door of the property to visit every corner by themselves.

Image rights: Kasaz

Julia Buchta
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