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Ready for your Holiday with Nuki

Get Inspired 13.07.2022 | Christine Deniz

From staycations in your own city to short trips into the countryside, an escape from the routines of daily life is all the more enjoyable, when it is effortless and simple. We have a few tips and tricks for you to make the most of your summer, the spontaneous way.

Barbecue with friends

For a little vacation feeling at home, there’s nothing better than inviting friends over for a spontaneous barbecue. Let everyone bring something along – salads, drinks, dessert – so you don’t have much to prepare. And the DJs of the friend group take care of music. A few of your friends are already waiting at your door and you’re not home yet? No problem. Simply let them in by opening your door remotely through the Nuki app, and the evening can begin.

A weekend for two

You planned a getaway without your kids, family and friends offered to babysit. And yet you find it difficult to leave. Is everything going to be fine? With Nuki, one major factor is taken off your mind: You can check any time, remotely, if your front door is locked. The Nuki Door Sensor can also let you know if someone forgot to close the door. You can even choose to have your Nuki Smart Lock automatically lock the door at the same time every night. All so you can enjoy your time away and come back refreshed, ready to tackle family life again.

Leave your plants in good care

Your balcony, garden or apartment is filled with plants? You always need someone to take care of them, whenever you’re away? That should not have to be a reason to keep you from travelling. With Nuki, you will never have to leave your keys with your neighbours ever again. You can simply organise someone for plant sitting from afar. Through the app, you can provide temporary access for your Smart Lock just once or for a specified time. And if someone prefers to be analogue, you can give them a temporary access code for the Nuki Keypad.

Housesitting made easy

If you plan to go on a longer trip, you might want to consider subletting your apartment or house while you’re away. With Nuki you won’t have to hand out your keys to do so. You live in an apartment building and need two separate keys to get inside your home? Nuki has a solution for just that. With the Nuki Opener you can provide keyless access all the way. And you can take care of it all on the go. Additionally, with the new Power Pack you can be sure that your batteries don’t need to be changed, no matter how long you’re away for. You will get a notification in the App whenever its power is below 20%.

With a Smart Lock from Nuki, you can keep an eye on your door, even from afar. Whether you’re away for a short trip or a long holiday, it’s never been easier to travel with such peace of mind.

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Christine Deniz
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Christine Deniz

Sono fra quelli che affermano tranquillamente di “non capirne molto di tecnologia”. Per me, l’importante è che le operazioni complesse siano illustrate in modo semplice e chiaro. Della tecnologia della Smart Lock mi affascina il fatto che non si limita a sostituire la chiave – elemento centrale di una casa – ma ne estende ulteriormente il concetto. Un’innovazione per tutti, non soltanto per tecnici e smanettoni.