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Self-determined living in advanced age: Nuki Smart Lock for senior citizens
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Self-determined living in advanced age: Nuki Smart Lock for senior citizens

Get Inspired 04.07.2019 | Christine Deniz

Individual experiences of our customers repeatedly show how versatile the Nuki Smart Lock is. The direct feedback from our users is the best way to show what kind of relief a digital door lock can offer in everyday life. Therefore, we are particularly pleased about the contribution from Mr Burkhard Jocks from Isselburg, Germany, who shares his viewpoint about what specific advantages the Nuki Smart Lock offers for the everyday life of senior citizens.

Mr Jocks, please tell a little bit about yourself.
As a former IT Manager, Business Consultant, and Manager, I have an ingrained enthusiasm for technical innovations that don’t just look great, but also work well and are affordable (not just “nice to have”). Today I am a retiree and still have a great interest in new things, but mostly from the point of view of an older person who wants to lead a self-determined life for as long as possible. I still like to read specialist literature and magazines (IT, Business), but also pharmacy magazines like Apotheken Rundschau – like most older people ;).

How did you find out about Nuki?
As I have already mentioned, I am very interested in technical innovations and as a result, I also like to inform myself in depth about different suppliers.

I have noticed that most manufacturers plan their products with young people in mind, even though Smart Home technology offers great advantages for the elderly. As I have been thinking for some time about the possibilities available to remotely open doors, for example from the bedroom, I started researching digital door locks on the Internet. And that's how I came across the Austrian manufacturer Nuki.

What convinced you about the Smart Lock from Nuki?
I chose Nuki because, in addition to various other advantages, no modifications have to be made to the existing door and all previous functions (key operation) can continue to be used normally. Plus, it’s easy to install, causes no damage to the existing door, and looks quite nice.

How do you use the Smart Lock in your everyday life?
We use Nuki in a 2-person senior household. Our 4 children all have access via Nuki in case of emergencies. It’s very convenient to be able to open the door from anywhere in the house combined with the video entrance monitoring. That is very important for older people who want to live in their own home for as long as possible, since normal door openers are usually installed in a stationary manner. In cases of illness or accidents, these can often not be reached. The Nuki Smart Lock is also great for later years when nursing services might be needed. When emergency help needs to be called, the door can easily be opened remotely.

Which feature of the Nuki Smart Lock do you find particularly practical?
I especially like the Auto Lock function. You can adjust it so that the door automatically locks as soon as it is closed. Another practical feature is the time control, which you can use to set a specific time to always close the door automatically (for example: 10:00 p.m.). That way you can avoid forgetting to lock the door.

What could be possible fears that older people have when it comes to Smart Home technology?
Older people are usually very cautious when it comes to technical devices. But that is also true for the general public. That is normal, and is already changing slowly. Almost all my friends and acquaintances are over the age of 60 or 70 and have a smartphone. They also use WhatsApp and Skype or e-mail to communicate with their children or friends. With the Nuki Keypad or Fob you can also use the Smart Lock without a smartphone or via the Internet.

Do you use other Smart Home devices? How did you find the integration?
Yes. We have a video surveillance system around the house and some devices that are controlled via Wi-Fi. I found the integration of Nuki to be very simple. But that said, I have been involved in IT for over 35 years and used to earn a living with it.

Christine Deniz
Ik behoor tot de groep mensen die beweren dat ze "niet echt verstand hebben van technologie". Daarom is het voor mij belangrijk dat complexe processen op een begrijpelijke en eenvoudige manier worden uitgelegd. Wat ik zo interessant vind aan de Smart Lock technologie is het feit dat deze niet alleen de sleutel - het centrale element van een huis - vervangt, maar zelfs nog verder uitbreidt. Een innovatie voor iedereen, niet alleen voor techneuten.

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