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Smart tech gadgets for young parents

Smart Home 18.12.2019 | Sebastian Scholz

Starting a family is certainly one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most challenging endeavours in life – especially during the first months after birth. Thanks to the technological innovation of the last years, however, this challenge can be made somewhat more manageable thanks to little everyday companions in various areas. That’s what Kerstin and Martin experienced as well. They’ve been members of our Nuki Product Team virtually from the very beginning, and just welcomed their first daughter into the world. As a tech-savvy couple, they would like to share their personal recommendations for smart family life with families and parents-to-be:

Double life for the Netgear Arlo

Equipment for babies and kids comes with the major drawback of limited use life. All young parents need a baby monitor, for example. Nevertheless, these will at some point become superfluous. So why not use a Netgear Arlo instead of a baby monitor? With its intelligent recognition of movements and sound, it’s the perfect minder in the baby room, very conveniently making the images available via an app on your smartphone. As soon as you don’t need to use it as a baby monitor anymore, you can simply use it as an outdoor camera. Keep track of all the activity around your house.

Home Assistant as a Smart Home central

The Home Assistant software can be easily installed on a Raspberry Pi to work as a Smart Home hub. Manage your entire Smart Home via app and integrate it into scenarios. You can for example turn on the lights in the nappy-changing table from the living room, to make sure that the nappy-changing table is warm for your little one.

Everything at a glance with the Fire HD 10 tablet of Amazon

As a young father/mother, you have to keep track of so many things. It’s great to at least have all the data on your own home available at a single glance. Temperature, humidity, open windows, and all the cameras can be displayed on clear dashboards on your Fire HD tablet with a HomeAssistant integration. Use the fitting wall mounting to make it look even more professional!

Yeelight Galaxy LED Ceiling Light

The Yeelight Galaxy LED Ceiling Light is basically a very sleek but sophisticated ceiling lamp. With its smart moonlight mode, it’s also the perfect night light. This way, your kids won’t be afraid in the dark, but it’s still dark enough to allow the other half of the parenting team to continuing sleeping during night-time breastfeeding or nappy-changing. Stepless brightness and temperature settings support the individual needs of a young family.

The Roomba iRobot is your personal cleaning elf

Young families usually find their household all topsy-turvy. Of course, some stuff ends up on the floor every now and then. You simply have to vacuum much more often. Nevertheless, you would love to prevent waking up your child with the loud and unpleasant noise of a vacuum cleaner. This makes a vacuum cleaning robot, such as the iRobot Roomba, the perfect match for families (and all those looking for a bit more comfort in their daily lives). The laborious everyday helper is controlled by app or timing settings to only make its rounds when there’s nobody around anyway. Everyone can simply go about their daily business, and the time you gain can be used for what’s really important in life.

Of course, there are countless other challenges which can’t be made easier with smart tech gadgets, and that’s what makes it exciting in the end. Nevertheless, little technical helpers really offer huge support in everyday life, to make the lives of young families a bit more relaxed.

Sebastian Scholz
Nerd? Designer? Smart Home Enthusiast? Waarschijnlijk van alles wat. Ik ben gefascineerd door nieuwe techniek, andere manieren van denken en kattenvideo's. Trekkie? Warsie? 30:70 zou ik zeggen – het belangrijkste is echter niet zwart-wit, al heeft zelfs dat in het interieurontwerp iets aantrekkelijks.

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