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Nuki für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigung: Erfahrungsbericht von Mark Heigenfeld
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Nuki for disabled people: Experience report by Mark Heigenfeld

Inspírate 07.05.2020 | Admin

My name is Mark Heigenfeld, and my everyday life has become a lot easier with Nuki. I want to share with you my first weeks with the Nuki Smart Lock and explain why this electronic door lock is an enormous relief in my daily life. As I use a wheelchair, I literally stand in front of closed doors in many situations. Thanks to Nuki that didn’t happen to me in the past weeks, at least not in my own house.

Nuki and my wheelchair – a harmonious duo

In a wheelchair, one can sometimes come up against almost insurmountable obstacles in everyday life. It can include, for example, the following scenario: While grocery bags, parcels or other items pile up on my lap, I have to look for the keys as well. As a wheelchair user, this is a very frustrating situation Like when I had to order in advance all the items on my lap (as there is limited space it’s always like a Tetris game). Then the senseless key search destroys the result. Especially in these circumstances, I am really happy that my smartphone is now my key. And in case I forget my smartphone, I can also use my Apple Watch to open my door. Although I haven’t been in this situation until now, it is reassuring to know that I can open the door via Smartwatch.

Auto Unlock – my personal saviour

One incredibly helpful feature was and is the Auto Unlock function. With this feature the Nuki Smart Lock automatically locks my door when I come home. I have the smartphone with me, but I don’t have to take it out, because the Nuki Smart Lock recognizes via Bluetooth my Smartphone. At first, I was a bit sceptical because we have a ramp in front of the house and the distance to the Smart Lock varies when I approach the ramp or already standing on the ramp. Thankfully, the Nuki Smart Lock has become a true «Bluetooth expert» after a certain period of getting used to it. It opens exactly when I have done half of the way on the ramp, so that I only rarely have to press my hand lightly against my door to let it swing open. But this also works so well because I could set the door latch to hold for five seconds. However, in 9 out of 10 cases, a light breeze does the trick for me. For me, Auto Unlock is an ingenious feature that has saved me some tedious situations over the past weeks.


Product extensions – practical accessories

When I expect a visitor or a parcel delivery, I can unlock the door from the couch by simply pressing a button on a small remote control – also called Nuki Fob. This also works very comfortably with Siri voice commands. Whoever came over the past few weeks was quite surprised that no one was waiting behind the door. The mentioned Fob is in general a super helpful gadget and a complete key replacement. Our neighbours and people who do not have a smartphone have become very fond of it – also due to the feature that allows you to assign different actions to the button press. Another benefit in terms of comfort was and is quite clearly my Apple Watch, with which I can open the door directly. At this point I have to praise the Nuki App developers for such simple but very helpful features.

My conclusion

As a conclusion, I can say that I am highly satisfied with the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 as well as the accessories and I can recommend it absolutely. And of course, you don’t have to sit in a wheelchair to love the increased comfort and practical features. On my social media channels I show how technology not only makes the everyday life of wheelchair users easier and more comfortable.

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