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Wie Unternehmen vom Nuki Smart Lock profitieren und dabei noch Geld sparen
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How companies benefit from the Nuki Smart Lock and save money at the same time

Nuki News 28.04.2020 | Julia Buchta

Whether office, coworking space, warehouse, medical practice or law office – in most companies, there are often several doors to lock. Key management can be very tricky sometimes, as all employees need uncomplicated access to the premises. Moreover managing all company keys is usually combined with high administrative and cost expenditures.

Unlimited digital keys

In order to give employees access to the premises, a large number of keys often have to be produced and issued. This not only leads to high costs, but is also a security risk. If a key gets lost, the entire lock and all keys would have to be replaced to ensure that the documents in the office remain securely stored.

Simple, smart, secure – Nuki for businesses

With the smart access solution from Nuki, these problems are a thing of the past! With Nuki the access to the office can be digitized. The Nuki Smart Lock is simply mounted on the existing cylinder of the entrance door, then coupled with the free Nuki App and digital access permissions can be sent to employees, cleaning staff, suppliers, security services and craftsmen. The Nuki App, of course, lists exactly who had access to the office premises and when. The access authorizations can be easily created, adjusted or deactivated at any time.

The electronic door lock from Nuki is easily managed via the Nuki App or the clear Nuki Web platform. Company owners can, for example, also adjust the closing times to the working hours, i.e. define that Nuki automatically locks the entrance door to the office at 20h every day. This ensures that the door is really locked even if the last employee has left without locking the door. Thanks to the clear Nuki App, the status of the door (unlocked/locked or open/locked) can be checked anytime and from anywhere. With the protocol function, all locking processes can be kept in view.

What does that exactly mean? Let’s imagine that on December 24th, while decorating the Christmas tree, you suddenly have doubts whether the office door or the storage door has really been locked. To have a relaxed Christmas Eve, you need certainty. With Nuki, you don’t have to drive to the company. A quick look at the app is enough to check the status of the door. If the door hasn’t been locked, you can do that from home with a quick swipe in the app. Convenient, right?

Cost-saving for companies

With a Nuki Smart Lock, companies not only save the costs for keys and, in case of loss, for the replacement of keys and locking cylinders. From now on, companies also benefit from the Nuki Cashback Program!
This makes the allocation of access permissions via the Nuki Web worth cash, because depending on the number of activated authorizations, you will receive up to € 225 back. The more authorizations are granted, the higher the refund:

€ 225 for 50 or more authorizations (max. 100)
€ 150 from 25 authorizations
€ 100 from 5 authorizations

How does the Nuki Cashback Program work?

  1. Companies can buy one of the Nuki products* in our online shop by providing their VAT number.
  2. After the successful installation, activate the Nuki Web and assign individual access rights to your employees.
  3. Then, you fill out the contact form.
  4. After a successful check of the authorizations and the application, you will receive your bonus by bank transfer.

Entrepreneurs who decide to use Nuki make a smart decision in several respects and save twice as much. On the one hand, there are no costs for keys and, in case of loss, for the replacement of the lock. On the other hand, entrepreneurs get up to € 225 cashback.

*The order must include a Nuki Smart Lock and exceed the minimum order value of €240 (incl. VAT).

Julia Buchta
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