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Installation of Nuki in less than 2 minutes


Dear Nuki fans,

at Nuki our mission is to make your life easier. That’s why we dislike complicated setup and installation processes. In our latest update we announced our new design and informed you that many things became even better. Now we are proud to tell you that the installation of Nuki including smartphone-pairing decreased from 5 minutes to less than 2 minutes in setup time.

How does the setup work?

You won’t need any additional tools. All you need is your smarphone, an Allen key, the mounting plate, Nuki itself and your physical key (all except your smartphone and your key are included in the Nuki package).

Before getting into detail, just watch our video and convince yourself how easy it is to mount Nuki:

Nuki is installed on the inside of your door and can be set up within 2 minutes without further help. Take the screwing-plate, place it on the fitting and tighten the 3 screws on the plate with the Allen key. After that plug your physical key in the lock and put Nuki on the plate. An acoustic signal tells you that Nuki is now fixed to your door.
Afterwards you have to push the button on the front of Nuki for 5 seconds to activate the “pairing-mode”. This mode is signaled through smooth and slow pulsing of the LED-circle. You can now search for this Nuki on your smartphone, name it and use it immediately. As you can see, this whole process won’t take longer than 2 minutes and is as simple as possible.

Glue-version of Nuki

In the movie we showed the screwing version of Nuki. The glueing version is even easier. Just remove the protection film on the mounting plate and glue Nuki on the fitting.

Both options won’t leave any marks and are perfect to use in rental apartments.

We have some further updates coming soon – we are about to tell you more on the production of Nuki and an extensive update concerning our stretch goals “Smartwatch App” and “Android Bridge” is still due before Christmas.

Best regards,
Marketing Manager