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Smart into spring: Tips for a smart start to springtime
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Smart into spring: Tips for a smart start to springtime

Smart Home 16.04.2020 | Marcus Schwarten

Spring has come at last – finally, it is getting warmer again, and nature is slowly awakening. Now is the time to take an inventory in your own four walls, get rid of the old and make room for the new. Here we give you some tips on how to start the spring particularly smart.

Spring cleaning smartly made

In many households, spring is the season for a thorough house or apartment cleaning. The dust and mustiness of the cold season shall be removed and make room for fresh air and purity. Of course, your own home should be kept clean and tidy regularly anyway. Still, spring is an excellent opportunity to optimize your cleaning habits. Because we all experienced this: to stay motivated, things should not be too tedious and not take too long.

Let yourself be actively supported in housework by delegating unpleasant tasks to smart devices. This is exactly what vacuum robots can do. They are available on the market in different versions, but the particularly advanced models act smartly and orient themselves in space in order to drive it systematically. This ensures thorough cleaning so that the classic vacuum cleaner does not need to be picked up so often for manual reworking. The same case with the mop, if it is a vacuum robot with wiping function or a wiping robot.

You can also put aside the cloth for cleaning windows – thanks to the window cleaning robots. However, we have to admit from our own experience that the results of most devices cannot (yet) keep up with a properly hand-cleaned window. For windows that open outwards or glass surfaces that cannot be opened at all, a window cleaning robot is often the only possibility for cleaning. There are also window fronts of which only a small part can be opened. Just cleaning this part can be frustrating, especially for people who love cleanliness, because they constantly see a “before and after comparison”.

Smarten up your garden

Springtime is gardening time. Wintersleep is over, and the garden can be brought back into shape. Many also use the spring for a little garden makeover.
If you are working in the garden anyway, why not lay a boundary wire around the lawn(s)? This is the prerequisite for a mowing robot to take over the mowing of your lawn from now on. So enjoy a refreshing drink on the terrace while the mowing robot takes care of this task. Another plus point: mowing robots make far less noise, which will certainly make your neighbours happy too.

Speaking of time-saving – a Smart Garden also helps you to use way less water. Smart and intelligent irrigation takes into account the moisture in the soil as well as the weather forecasts when it irrigates the green automatically. This optimizes water consumption.

Since the temperatures in spring can already be summerlike, but the darkness still falls quite early, smart garden lighting is quite useful. On the terrace, it provides nice lighting for cosy sitting together, and in the garden it creates a nice ambience. Not to forget: smart lighting in combination with motion detectors and a surveillance system also increases security. Because it is not only in the dark season that thieves are out and about.

Fit for spring

The home is spotless, the garden prepared for the warm season – now it’s time to do something good for body and soul and to really get moving. If your good intentions for the New Year’s resolutions didn’t work out, don’t worry – it’s never too late to start your workout.
Smart devices can also be really useful here. Smartwatches and fitness trackers motivate you to burn extra calories. Smart fitness equipment optimizes your sports program. And you can reinvest the time saved thanks to smart home technology for a walk or a visit to the gym.

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Marcus Schwarten
Als enthousiaste "Smart-Homer" probeer ik graag nieuwe technologieën, apparaten en gadgets uit. Als ze goed zijn, geef ik ze graag een plekje in mijn smart-huis. Want voor mij kan het niet smart genoeg zijn… :-)

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