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Smart into spring: Tips for a smart start to springtime
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Start spring off smart: Tips for a smart start to spring

Smart Home 17.03.2022 | Tamara Knapp

Update: 17.03.2022

The days are getting longer and the sun is shining in our faces more often. We are energetic and motivated. Every year in spring we are overcome by a certain urge to do something. We should use this enthusiasm: How about some spring cleaning or exercise? We have the ideal device for all your projects: The Nuki Smart Lock.

Yes, cleaning can be smart

Hello spring! Most people use this time of year for a thorough spring cleaning. We also like to take time for this ritual. Because the feeling is unbeatable when your own four walls shine again and everything smells fresh.
In everyday life, however, house cleaning often gets neglected and is associated with a lot of stress: A full-time job, children, hobbies and a whole household are difficult to juggle. That is why more and more people are opting for a professional cleaner. It’s just nice to come home to a freshly cleaned flat after a long day at work. But not everyone wants to leave the key with the cleaner. With the Nuki Smart Lock you don’t have to make an extra key or hand over the key every time. You simply assign an access permission for your Smart Lock – the cleaner then unlocks the door with her smartphone. This permission can be limited to a certain period of time and can be deleted at any time. For example, you can specify that your cleaner only has access on Mondays from 8 AM to 4 PM.

The Nuki app is free of charge and very intuitively designed. Nevertheless, not everyone is comfortable with locking the door via an app. The Nuki Keypad is the perfect extension for your Nuki Smart Lock: This allows the door to be unlocked with a 6-digit access code. Here, too, individual codes – even up to 100 – can be assigned.
The best part: With the Nuki app you always have an overview of who enters and leaves your home and when. In the activity log you can see exactly when your door was opened or locked and by whom. If you forget to lock your door, you can simply do it remotely.

Smart little helpers

Are you on your own when it comes to cleaning? Then you can let smart devices help you with the housework. The classic is the vacuum cleaner robot, of which there are already numerous variants on the market – even with a mopping function. Robot vacuum cleaners act intelligently and orient themselves in the room in order to systematically sweep it. This ensures comprehensive cleaning and almost completely eliminates the classic hoover. Are you in the office and spontaneously decide to have guests over this evening? Simply start your robot vacuum cleaner remotely via an app. Integrated into a Smart Home system, you can even automate the daily floor cleaning.

Is the sun shining in and you’re already dreading cleaning the windows? We feel the same way. Cleaning rags are so last year: Today, there are cool gadgets like window cleaning robots that take this tedious work off your hands. Moreover, for windows that cannot be opened, these devices are often the only solution to clean the window without any danger.

If you also have a garden that needs sprucing up, a robotic mower can be a great relief. It does a lot of the gardening for you and makes much less noise than a conventional lawnmower. But that is by no means everything: You can make the garden smart in so many ways: Intelligent irrigation, smart garden lighting, etc. You can find everything on the topic of the smart garden on our blog.

Fit for spring

Besides spring cleaning, what else is at the top of our to-do list this spring? That’s right, sport! If your New Year’s resolutions haven’t quite panned out yet, spring is the right time. Because the mild spring temperatures increase one’s natural urge to move: Running, cycling, Nordic walking and going for a walk are much more enjoyable now. After a long winter, we can enjoy the fresh air all the more. Smart helpers can additionally boost motivation: Try out smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart fitness devices! This way you can see your progress and stay motivated.

Thanks to the Nuki Smart Lock you can slip into your sports shoes and start right away. Front door key, smartphone & co. stay at home – either you unlock your door with your smartwatch or via the Nuki Keypad with an access code. Is there anything better than setting off with empty jacket and trouser pockets, no fanny pack and no need to search for a key stash? The electronic door lock by Nuki makes it possible. You can mount it on the inside of the door on the existing cylinder in just 3 minutes. In most cases, no changes to the door lock are necessary (all information about the installation of Nuki).

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Tamara Knapp

Tamara Knapp

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