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Save Time with Household Chores with These Smart Home Devices
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Save Time with Household Chores with These Smart Home Devices

Smart Home 02.10.2019 | Leticia Schmied-Costa

It’s nice to have a clean and neat house — nothing better after a stressful day than relaxing in our own home. But keeping a house in order is not easy, especially if you do not live alone. There is a lot to keep in mind, also in terms of home maintenance. In this article, we have listed some Smart Home gadgets that were made to make your life easier and save time with housekeeping.

Smart Coffee Maker

For a lot of people, the day just starts after a good cup of coffee. What if when you woke up, the coffee was ready waiting for you? With smart coffee makers, this is possible! You can control when the coffee is prepared on demand or via a timer remotely with your smartphone. Some even let you pick when to start pre-soaking the beans and much more.

Smart Pet Feeder

Pets bring a lot of happiness to their owners, but they also require a lot of responsibility. Daily walks, cleaning their litter box or dog potty, and feeding them. Automatic feeders already exist, but the smart ones have even more advantages: They allow you to monitor your pet’s food consumption, schedule varied portions for different parts of the day and also talk to them via video.

Smart Lock

You have a super important appointment and took too long to get ready. You are extremely stressed, and when you are finally about to leave, you cannot find your keys! How many times have you been through this? Or finally, your kids are old enough to have the house key and when they are back from their first day of school…”Oops! Where are the keys?” With a smart lock, these are situations that will be in the past. Nuki Smart Lock offers multiple ways to enter the house: With a mobile app, with a six-digit code with the Keypad, or at the touch of a button with the Nuki Fob.

Smart Vacuum

How much time has been wasted sweeping and vacuuming the house? Smart vacuum cleaners have many benefits. They work without any human interaction. You can schedule cleaning whenever you want and wherever you are with your smartphone. It also detects dirt, with the help of its sensors and cleans it automatically without your help.

Smart Mop

Just vacuuming is not enough to have a bright floor and leave the house with that amazing clean smell. Mopping is what makes the job complete. But buckets full of dirty water turn this into a very unpleasant task. Nowadays, you can also program this activity with a smart robot mop. All you have to do is fill the tank, and let them do their job. Depending on which device you choose, they can be controlled by smartphone or voice, and some even work as robot vacuum cleaners as well.

Smart Window Cleaning Robot

Depending on where you live, cleaning the windows can be a hard and even dangerous job. With the help of a Robotic Window Cleaner, you no longer have to do this. Most robotic glass wipers use motorized suction to attach to the window and then slide back and forth until the entire surface is clean. With the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, the device includes an app that can be connected to its owner’s smartphones for monitoring and control.

Smart Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are designed to cook your food over a long time so you can leave it on while you’re out of the house. But it can be disappointing to lift the lid for an overcooked or sloppy dish. The smart version of a classic appliance let you adjust the cooking time and temperature, and switch to heat or turn off it through an app, so you can still keep an eye on and control the process wherever you are.

As we have seen, Smart Devices have many practical benefits for our daily lives. They are not futuristic gadgets far from our reality. Just like our smartphones, they can play a significant role in our lives, leaving us with time to do activities we enjoy.

Leticia Schmied-Costa
I have a creative and curious mind, always looking to learn something new at all times. I find it fascinating how Smart Devices can make day-to-day easier for everyone, leaving people with time to do what really matters in life.