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No mandatory user account and data-saving implementation: this is how Nuki deals with customer data

Stay Secure 22.10.2021 | Vanessa Sacher

“Social networks are not free. Everyone pays with their data” (Helmut Glaßl (*1950), graduate engineer, painter, aphorist).

Nowadays, everyone can easily be an open book for all kinds of companies. Numerous confirmations for the use of data and cloud services are given by users every day. But what is a cloud actually?

Data storage in the cloud – advantages and disadvantages

In simpler terms, resources such as storage space are made available via an internet connection. These could be databases, networks or the storage of data on servers. For example, cloud technology from various providers such as Amazon Web Services or Apple’s iCloud, basically have one major advantage: large capacities and flexibility.

Many people are sceptical about the “data cloud”. The reason for this is potential data misuse. Almost every registration or use of an app requires the user to log in with personal data. It is not easy to keep track of your own data.

Does Nuki store customer data?

Your data is safest when you don’t have to provide it in the first place. From the start, the protection of our users’ data has been a top priority for us. Because of that, unlike many other Smart Lock manufacturers, Nuki doesn’t require the creation of an account.

This way, you keep control over your data yourself. By communicating via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your data is only stored on your local devices. When remote access is activated by the Nuki Bridge, the server only serves to forward the commands, but can neither read nor execute them. That means we do not store any data regarding the communication between Nuki devices and the Nuki app. No matter if you use your smart access solution locally or access it online via remote access – your data is not stored anywhere and you don’t need a user account. If personal and security-relevant data become required when using the app, you will be informed immediately.

The special role of Nuki Web

It is different with the Nuki Web: This optional service can be used in addition to the app on your smartphone. With Nuki Web you can conformtably manage your Nuki devices and Smart Home integrations on any internet-enabled device, e.g. your laptop (more at For this service, it is necessary that your data is cached on the Nuki server. However, you decide if and how long you want to use this option.

More about data protection and privacy at Nuki

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In summary, you have three possibilities to use your Nuki devices:

  • Local use via Bluetooth: In this case, the control of your Nuki devices only works when you are within Bluetooth range. Your data is not stored in the cloud and you don’t need a user account. Learn more about it here.
  • Via the in-house Wi-Fi: If you want to control your smart access solutions remotely, simply connect them to your Wi-Fi via remote access (using the Nuki Bridge). Also in this case, no customer data is stored in the cloud and no user account is necessary. Learn more about it here.
  • Via the optional service Nuki Web: If you want to manage your Nuki devices comfortably on your PC, you can activate Nuki Web. This optional feature can be very useful in many cases (e.g. for Airbnb hosts who manage multiple flats). For the integration into various Smart Home systems, like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the activation of Nuki Web is a prerequisite. In this case, the device data is synchronised with the Nuki servers. Learn more about it here.

you have three possibilities to use your Nuki devices

When using Nuki Web, the data is transferred via HTTPS. This means that third parties have no access to your data. The data is stored on an external cloud storage in Germany. There we make sure that data protection guidelines are followed and your data is safe. If you don’t need Nuki Web anymore, all your data in the cloud will be deleted immediately when you delete your device (more at

Nuki awarded by AV-TEST for particularly data-saving product implementation

From the beginning, our focus has been on our guiding values: smart – simple – secure. Every year we have our security concept examined by external and independent IT security institutes. For the 5th year in a row, we received the “Secure Smart Home Product” certificate from AV-TEST. Particular emphasis was placed on “the exemplary, data-saving implementation of the products as well as a very good and transparent data protection declaration […]”.

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