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Wearables: Wie du mit Nuki die Haustür über deine Smartwatch öffnest
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Wearables: how to use your fitness smartwatch to open your front door with Nuki

Smart Home 10.08.2021 | Christine Deniz

Even though you are already in good shape, you want to make your everyday life healthier. For example, through better nutrition, more fluids, longer and more restful sleep – and above all: less stress. Sounds familiar? Although we know that a healthy lifestyle is good for us, it’s not always easy to maintain. Smart gadgets like wearables («portable computer systems») such as smartwatches can support us with our fitness journey. In addition to the fitness tracking function, they can also help us to establish new and healthy habits in our everyday life.

What can Fitness Smartwatches do?

Very few of us would probably ever forget to look at our smartphone several times a day. It has become a habit for us, and contrary to all criticism, we can use it for our well-being! For example, every time we look at a smartwatch, we can be reminded to drink more water or to do some breathing exercises. The possibilities for the “smartphone on your wrist” are almost limitless.

Smartwatches already offer many different features. In the fitness area, for example, some models offer the possibility to track not only your step number or your running distance but also offer the option to track various activities, such as swimming or gymnastics. Another helpful feature is an integrated heart rate sensor: it alerts you when your heart rate gets too high or too low. So you can actively bring more calm or energy into your life.

Open the front door with your smartwatch thanks to Nuki

One of the most significant advantages of a smartwatch is that you don’t have to take your smartphone out of your pocket so often, to check notifications, for example. You can even leave it at home altogether. This is extremely practical, especially when you go for a run every day. But one thing still jingles in your pocket – the house key. In most cases, it’s even an unwieldy bunch of keys, reminiscent of the jailers in old movies. ;D
Of course, you can remove the house key from the keyring each time and then put it back on. In the long run, however, it’s much more convenient to use a smart door lock so you can leave your keys always at home.

The electronic door lock from Nuki makes it possible. The Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of the door on the existing cylinder without the need to change the door lock.
After you have downloaded the free Nuki app to your smartphone and your smartwatch and paired it with the Nuki Smart Lock on your door, your smart door lock is ready to use.

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Nuki Smart Lock for Apple Watch, Wear OS, Galaxy Watches, Garmin and Huawei Watch 3

The Nuki app is free and available for both iOS and Android. It can also be used with Wear OS (formerly «Android Wear»), the Android operating system for smartwatches. Android Wear, or Wear OS, can be synchronized with Android itself. But as with any wearable, the interface is much smaller – displaying all applications would make things very confusing. The same applies to the Apple Watch.

The Garmin Watch and Galaxy Watches with Tizen OS can also open the door for Nuki Smart Lock users, as long as they are connected to an Android Smartphone and notifications are activated. So if you are near your home, you will get a notification on your Garmin Watch or your Galaxy Watch. The notification shows an «Open now» button, and you can open the front door with your smartwatch – as long as you have your Smartphone with you.

Nuki is also compatible with the new operating system by Huawei, HarmonyOS (exception: Huawei GT2 Pro / GT3 / GT3 Pro). You can now control your Nuki Smart Lock with the new Huawei Watch 3. This makes Nuki compatible with the most popular Smartwatch providers.

For Nuki Smart Lock users, the Nuki app is the most often used app and therefore belongs on the smartwatch.

Using Nuki Smart Lock with these smartwatches:

Nuki Smart Lock mit Schlüsselfernbedienung Nuki Fob sperren_Smartwatch

The combination of Smart Lock and smartwatch can help you make regular exercise a habit. Especially for sports enthusiasts, the Nuki product range offers a significant plus in comfort and flexibility. For example, with the Nuki Keypad you can open the Nuki Smart Lock by entering a 6-digit code on the keypad on the outside of your entrance door. In this case, you really don’t need to have anything with you on your run – no smartphone, no smartwatch and certainly no key.

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Christine Deniz
Soy de los que dicen: “la tecnología no es lo mío”. Por eso, concedo una gran importancia a que los procesos complejos se presenten de manera comprensible y sencilla. Lo que me fascina de la tecnología Smart Lock es que no solo sustituye a la llave (el elemento central de un hogar), sino que además amplía sus funciones. Es una innovación que nos beneficia a todos, no solo a los 'frikis' de la tecnología.