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New Year's resolutions 2022: Smart Help to achieve them
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New Year’s resolutions 2022: Smart Help to achieve them

Smart Home 03.01.2022 | Admin

Update: 29.12.2021

For most people making good resolutions is as much a part of the New Year as champagne is a part of New Year’s Eve. But what you set out to do at the beginning of the year, full of motivation and drive, is not always so easy to stick to. That inner laziness and those old habits often end up being overwhelming opponents. Smart devices can help you keep your resolutions in the long term because 1) you can visualise and track your progress, and 2) you can find the handiest approach. We have a number of smart helpers for you who will actively support you in turning your good resolutions for 2022 into deeds.

Fighting the fat

Losing weight is probably one of the absolute classics when it comes to resolutions heading into the new year – and that trend is not likely to change for 2022. Smart gadgets help you to take the first step and incorporate more movement into your life. A smartwatch, e.g. from Huawei, with a step counter or a fitness bracelet will track the steps you take each day – and regularly remind you that you ought to be moving more.

Smartwatches and smartphones can also record and evaluate most types of sports training. This way you stay motivated because you can also see small improvements. If you share your stats with friends and virtually challenge and cheer each other on, the chances are very high that you won’t give up.
But as a “phone on your wrist”, a smartwatch has much more to offer – for example, it can unlock and lock your front door. Maybe that’s why your evening run never worked out, because you were annoyed by the jingling of your bunch of keys in your pocket? A Smart Lock allows you to operate your door via app. If you use the app on your smartwatch, you don’t have to take anything with you while jogging. Find out more about the smartwatch brands Nuki’s electronic door lock is compatible with and the advantages of wearables in general.

Finally getting up earlier

A Smart Home can help those who have difficulties with getting up on time in the morning. In a Smart Home you can set up different devices to work together automatically (you get a feeling how this can look like in these videos: Nuki + Ring + Alexa or Nuki + Google Assistant). The automations can make everyday routines much easier: If the snooze button on your alarm clock is your nemesis in the morning, the following automation can help you, for example: If the lighting in the bedroom is smart, it can slowly turn on and get brighter in unison with your alarm clock, all while Alexa or Google Assistant wakes you with your favourite music through a Smart Speaker. This turns getting up into an exhilarating affair.
If your home is equipped with Smart Shutters, they can – as if by magic – let daylight into the bedroom depending on the time of day and the season. With the Smart Coffee Machine then luring you into the kitchen with its freshly-brewed coffee and enticing scent. In this case getting out of bed shouldn’t be a problem at all, right?

Keeping your own four walls tidy and clean

Let’s be honest: For many, house cleaning is a truly tedious task that is often neglected. This is precisely where Smart Technology can help you out. A robotic vacuum cleaner takes over the vacuuming in the living room and bedroom, a robot mop wipes the floor in the kitchen and bathroom, and a window cleaning robot assumes responsibility for window cleaning.
Unfortunately, it is still the case that the automated home helpers cannot yet take care of every task. But they certainly save us time, and also automatically ensure a greater degree of cleanliness. Because it’ s more likely that you will vacuum your flat if you only have to press one button… This leaves more time for the really important things.

Save money and help the environment

Saving money and protecting the environment are another two topics that often rank among New Year’s resolutions. With a Smart Home, you can kill two birds with one stone.
Thanks to Smart Thermostats, the energy requirement of your heating system will often be reduced by a significant two-digit percentage. Smart Sockets with consumption metering help to expose energy guzzlers and reduce unnecessary standby operation. This reduces power consumption and also saves money.
Everything is controlled conveniently and easily via voice, app or wall button – depending on your preference and how you set it up. These new acquisitions do initially incur one-time costs. Depending on the type of device, however, the return on investment comes within a more or less manageable period.

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