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Nuki Smart Lock in everyday life – these are the best cases of it in use

Trouvez l’inspiration 14.01.2022 | Christine Deniz

What do we always have with us as soon as we leave the house? Our keys. They open doors for us, but they can also get us into real trouble. If you’ve ever lost your keys, you know what we’re talking about. Electronic door locks or smart locks are particularly practical alternatives to keys. This means you no longer need your mechanical key, and you can open your door using your smartphone instead. You can easily open your door via the app – even when you’re not at home. This makes many everyday situations much easier.
In eight entertaining short films, we will show you how our Nuki Smart Lock can simplify your life too.

Keys as antiques – we’re nearly there

Everyday objects are constantly evolving. Simply put, the things we need every day just have to be practical. We only realise in hindsight just how tedious and annoying outdated technology can be. Just imagine having to get by with sharing a landline with several people today. Or wanting to watch a movie from the start and having to manually rewind the VHS cassette.
If you use an electronic door lock, you’ll soon be thinking similarly about keys. The concept of keys has never really changed over the centuries. And yet, we couldn’t imagine actually putting the key in the lock of the car door these days…

The handbag black hole – tired of the endless key hunt?

On average, we spend a whole year of our lives looking for things! Keys go missing particularly often. And somehow it always happens at the worst possible moment: when you’re carrying heavy shopping bags, the kid’s sleeping in your arms or there’s food already burning inside – this is precisely the moment your key decides to hide in the bottom corner of your bag.
Coming home is significantly easier for Nuki Smart Lock users. With the Auto Unlock function, the front door is automatically unlocked as soon as an authorised smartphone is within range (you can find out how this works here).
More information on the various Nuki app features.

Key handovers made easy – the smart solution for getting the apartment key back from your ex

The relationship is over, and your ex isn’t being cooperative – or maybe they’ve even thrown away your apartment key? A smart lock is particularly helpful in this situation: With an electronic door lock, you don’t need to give out any keys at all. If you want to grant someone access to your home, you can simply assign an access permission in the app. This person then receives an invitation to use their smartphone as a digital key to your home. But you retain control and, as an admin, you can delete an access permission at any time. This is also very practical for shared apartments (like for students), landlords and co-working spaces – in all situations where (duplicate) keys are given out and returned. With a digital door lock, you always have an overview of who has access to your living space. Plus, you save yourself all the effort of replacing lock cylinders and making and handing over new keys.
You can find more information here about romantic key handovers and the right time to give your new partner a “key”.

Have you ever been locked out?

A main entrance with a knob on the outside can lead to daily, little adrenaline kicks: Every time the door closes, you panic and wonder if you have your key with you. After all, you can’t get in from outside without a key. Then there’s only one thing left for you to do – wait patiently for someone who also has a key.
And if the lock cylinder has no emergency function, the door can’t be unlocked from the outside if a key is inside. In this case, a locksmith is the only one who can help. Drilling out a lock cylinder, replacing it and copying a key is often costly. (Discover Nuki Care & Protect)
A smart lock combined with a code lock (e.g. the Nuki Keypad) on the outside is the ideal protection against situations like these. With the Nuki Keypad, you can simply assign individual access codes instead of access permissions.

Working out without that jingling in your pocket

Whether you’re an amateur athlete or a professional – the question of where to put your keys while jogging affects everyone. There are a number of different key storage solutions. Either you take them with you (and attach them to your trousers, your shoelace or somewhere else), or you hide them under the doormat, etc. But burglars likely know the “best” hiding places for keys.
That’s why a smart lock is often a real game changer for runners. You can simply lock the front door with the tools you already have with you – your smartphone and/or your smartwatch. But what happens if your battery runs out on the go? The Nuki Keypad is an ideal backup here too.
You can find out more about the security of the Nuki Keypad here.

How easily a key gets lost…

If you lose your key, you’ll usually find it again. But it’s also not uncommon for keys to fall into drains, elevator shafts, etc. Keys can also break in the lock or bend so that they no longer fit in the lock. All these things cause quite a bit of inconvenience.
Not to mention that, if you live in an apartment building, you probably need two keys to get home. With the Nuki Opener, you also have keyless access to the main entrance door by turning your intercom into a smart door opener. You can find out more here:

Use smart locks without a smartphone – Nuki is for everyone

Not everyone feels comfortable locking their door through the app. And not everyone even owns a smartphone. What’s important is that everyone involved feels comfortable. That’s why, with a Nuki Smart Lock, the door can still be locked with a key. However, many customers have already reported that grandma and grandpa got used to the Nuki Keypad very quickly. Elderly people in particular often have difficulty putting the key in the lock.
There is even an ideal solution for children – the Nuki Fob. This small remote control locks and unlocks the Nuki Smart Lock at the push of a button via Bluetooth. To ensure it doesn’t go missing, the Fob can be easily attached to things like school bags. It’s not always easy to know when it’s the right time to entrust children with a key. Many people are hesitant because children often lose or forget things. Of course, it’s not impossible for the Nuki Fob to go missing. But in this case, you can simply deactivate the corresponding Fob in the app. If, on the other hand, a key is lost, you should actually replace the entire lock, along with all the keys, to be on the safe side.
With a Nuki Fob, children can easily learn to take on responsibility.

Smart locks are ideal components to any smart home

The Nuki electronic door lock is compatible with most smart home systems. This can simplify many day-to-day processes. (Find out what smart home means here). The possibilities are virtually endless. For example, you can operate Nuki with all common language assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Being able to control the main entrance via voice command is a huge convenience for many people. However, this option is essential for people with physical disabilities.
You can find out more about smart routines with Amazon Alexa here.

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Christine Deniz
J'appartiens au groupe de personnes qui ne s’y connaissent pas vraiment en technologie. Il est donc important pour moi que les processus complexes soient présentés d'une manière simple et compréhensible. La technologie Smart Lock me fascine parce qu’elle ne remplace pas uniquement la clé - l'élément central d'une maison - mais qu'elle la fait évoluer également. Une innovation pour tous, non seulement pour les techniciens.