The digital access solution for student hall of residence

In student halls of residence, key management can quickly become an unmanageable challenge.

Simplify the key management for all parties involved with the smart access solution from Nuki.

Save costs and scale-up your business

Cost savings

No more lost keys

Have a better and more convenient key management

Key management

Reduction of administrative effort

Controlled access for residents and service partners

Safety and security

Controlled access for residents and service partners

With a smart and modern access system you upgrade your student housing


Smart & modern access management

Simply retro-fit,
and reduce administrative effort

Nuki is the smart access solution for the main entrance door of your student dormitory as well as for flat doors and doors to common rooms. Nuki simply turns your smartphone into a digital key.

With Nuki you never have to worry about:

  • time consuming key management
  • lost keys and therefore
  • expensive replacement of locking cylinders
  • costly key copies

Bring your student dormitories up to the modern standard of smart living with Nuki.

Smart Lock

The Nuki Smart Lock is an electronic, retrofit door lock that can be installed on the inside of the door within a few minutes – without screws or drilling. Individual access permissions can be easily managed and sent to students, employees or service staff with the Nuki App or the Nuki Web.

You are investing in a smart, digital access solution,
that brings advantages to everyone!

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Centralised management

Manage all properties and access rights in one place.

Cost savings

No more copies of keys or changing locks. Keep track of all Nuki devices via the Nuki web platform.

Organisational effort

Save time and costs by opening the doors remotely for service providers.

Select owner

Key management

Don’t bother anymore with handing over physical keys and collecting them again.

Access permissions

With the Nuki App or the Nuki web platform you can easily assign individual access permissions to your employees, residents or service providers.


You can always see who had access to the property and when. With Nuki you can prevent unauthorised persons from entering the student residence.

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