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What kind of Airbnb host are you?
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What kind of Airbnb host are you?

Get Inspired 27.06.2019 | Leticia Schmied-Costa

Since being officially launched in 2007, Airbnb has made a giant impact on the travel industry.10 years later, the website has more than 6 million listings worldwide. Several types of housing are available on the platform. Apart from apartments and houses, it is also possible to rent treehouses and even castles.

In addition to many types of residences, it is possible to find several types of hosts on the platform. In celebration of our recent launch of the Nuki Keypad Airbnb integration, we decided to create a quiz to find out what kind of Airbnb host you are. Curious? Take the test and find out!

Leticia Schmied-Costa
I have a creative and curious mind, always looking to learn something new at all times. I find it fascinating how Smart Devices can make day-to-day easier for everyone, leaving people with time to do what really matters in life.